Garmin Mobile XT Ver. 5.00.20 – Aggiornamento

Per tutti i Garminiani aggiornamento alla versione 5.00.20 del software di navigazione GPS. La nuova release del programma la potrete trovare come di consueto nella nostra visitatissima sezione GPS&Maps

Qui di seguito potrete trovare il change log della nuova versione

Change History:
Changes made from version 5.00.10 to 5.00.20:
Update the subcategories listed for City Navigator Europe 2009 maps.
Correct various out of memory conditions that can occur.
Correct the processing of a received Location Message to not save the point on the Recent Finds list.
Correct the processing of received text messages to not close the GMXT application when a text message is received without a subject.
Correct an error that occurs when a headset is plugged into some devices.
Correct the use of the directional pad for movement between hyperlinks within Flight Status.
Correct saving and editing waypoints with non-English characters.

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