Sony Ericsson X2 : Aggiornamento software disponibile!

Sony Ericsson X2 : Per tutti i possessori del telefonino X2 ? disponibile un nuovo aggiornamento software. Per procedere all’aggiornamento si potranno? seguire 5 semplici passi contenuti nella guida presente sulle pagine di Sony Ericsson.

Per conoscere il change log di versione continuate a leggere l’articolo…

  • MR1 is built on a new core platform release from Microsoft including a newer version of IE6
  • Stability improvements are everywhere with focus on SlideView, Panel manager and TileWave
  • Performance improvements focused on rotation and touch performance, the camera, web browsing, the software keyboard and audio streaming
  • New features are added like FM radio, Video calling, Auto-lock and Fast GPS which allows for a faster first fix to the GPS signal
  • SlideView 2.0 gives better usability throughout with a fresh design; and new actions are build in like new/reply/delete/edit capabilities in messaging and calendar. Music scrolling/searching and the mini-player have also been enhanced
  • The new dialer took a big step forward with four easy buttons giving easy access to the dial-pad, favorites, call activity and contacts. We increased the target hit area in contacts for finger friendliness and added user friendly redial functionality
  • Based on feedback from you, we really worked hard on the software keyboard (XT9) by improving speed and touch responsiveness


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