Samsung W960 First Mobile Phone with a 3D Display

3DTV technology has barely reached our homes, but mobile phone manufacturers are already working towards incorporating the same technology in handhelds. Samsung is understood to have a working prototype, although no official information is available as of yet.

What can certainly be achieved with regular displays is a sort of “pseudo-3D”, while manipulating a device’s internal motion sensor (accelerometer) to determine where the user is located, although this will be possible for animated content only. An example of this is the iPhone app HoloToy, by Ben Hopkins. It costs US$0.99 only, and is available at the iTunes App Store.

The rumours on the Samsung W960 suggest it features a 3.3″ 3D AMOLED touchscreen display with Wide-QVGA resolution, more specifically, where “3D stereoscopic video can be enjoyed with realistic 3D ahmolredeu [AMOLED]”. Another source points to simply a 3.2″ AMOLED touchscreen display, DNSe 2.0 audio technology, dual DMB mobile TV technology, a 3 megapixel camera, and a 3D menu.

With the extremely high prices for standalone 3DTVs, it is quite unlikely that the same concept will reach mobile phones soon, although it would certainly be a rich feature that would enable Samsung to gain some marketshare.

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