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2 Giochi molto attesi…SimCity & Lemonade 2

- Manage all aspects of a thriving city, including the budget - Destroy it all with 5 Disasters UFO, Fire, Tornado, Earthquake, Toxic Cloud - Place Parks, Landmarks, public works and various different special buildings - Public and private transportation with roads and rail - Public works management: Water, Power, Garbage and Recycling - Place 6 Zone types - Enact Ordinances to satisfy petitioners - Never play the same game twice - 3 Difficulty Settings - Small, Medium and Large Cities - Customizable Procedural Terrain Generation - Complex simulations that adapt to your every move Check out the other exciting EA games: Top-selling iPhone/iPod touch games like: TETRIS, Scrabble, YAHTZEE Adventures, Sudoku, Spore Origins, MONOPOLY Here &

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