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Omnia HD: ROM HX 1.75 by hyperX rilasciata!

Rispetto alla precedente release troviamo: - replaced old (faulty) theme with better one (thanks to gNokia) - NBL2 updated (The nbl2.bin file is for CPU clock, but cant say if its better or not) - changed synch video-values (tested on 720p seems better for me) - FM radio Grafik-glitches fixed - Video-decoding files updated - Rompatcher autostart Now working - TTpod app now working (no component is build in error) - Updated BOOTLOADER (from K4) as documented it seems that it could increase performance Nov 6th - write-caching on drive e:\\ f:\\ disabled again (that causes probably the most dropped frames in video-record) - Open4all (red-cross in rompatcher) is integrated IN the rom, so no need to enable in rompatcher !

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