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Office Reader Ver. 1.0 – Il reader compatibile con Open Office

For the first time ever, it is now possible to read your OpenDocument files from OpenOffice.org, KOffice, AbiWord and Lotus Symphony on your Symbian Smartphone using Open Source software Many exciting features are available: * open OpenDocument text(.odt), spreadsheet(.ods) and presentation(.odp) * open OpenDocument files directly from email attachments, MMS, Bluetooth, filebrowser as well as webbrowser * view thumbnail image * get information about subject, title, keywords and other meta information * get statistics about paragraph count, words and pages * zoom and fullscreen * search * view of changes Lots of formatting is also supported: * all text and highlighting colors * bold and italic * underline as well as crossing lines * upper and lower text * left, right and center alignment * left and right margins * bullets and numbering * embedded images * paragraph bordering * full support for footnotes (show them by pressing ok/enter button, if there are more then one, use the arrow keys to scroll)

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