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Nokia E71 – Changelog del firmware 400 disponibile!

NEW FUNCTIONALITIES: * Gimlet v9.5 (v9.5.3.72) * Quick Office 5.3 * Ovi Store 1.5 (v1.5.2) * Ovi Contacts Preinstalled * Mail for Exchange 2.9.176 CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS: * Email Setup Wizard update * WLAN Corrections * Internet Radio v1.16 Increased functionality * Camera functionality improvement * Incoming call hang issue fixed * Turkish SMS character input improvement * Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE * Support for Russian and Ukranian keymats * Phone activation Baseline updated * Yahoo account hack fixed GENERAL * Stability and functionality improvements * Email and WLAN functionality improvements * Increased robustness in handling SMS and incoming calls * Memory leak fixes and crashes * Email and WLAN functionality improvements CALL HANDLING * Fix for Incoming call hang issue and fast call crash * Fix for making emergency call when the phone is locked CALENDAR/CLOCK *Minor Functionality improvements *Time display correction when the phone is locked CONNECTIVITY *WLAN functionality Improvements and fixes for crashes *Improvement in WLAN authentication *mVPN authentication improvements and general functionality improvement CONTACTS/PHONEBOOK *Functionality improvements for search functionality EMAIL *Email setup wizard updated *Fix for Yahoo account hack while setting up Gmail account through Nokia Email *Fix for mails getting duplicated after restoring backup *Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.9.158 to 2.9.176 *Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE *Robustness and functionality improvements in email items.

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