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Nokia N79 Firmware Ver. 20.175 – A breve nuovo aggiornamento

Bugs fixed: - Cannot display sim contact on U-Sim (1000 contact sim card) when switch another UI language - Dialing 110 customer care phone redirect the call to be an EMERGENCY CALL - Music plays in speaker when receive sms under silent mode - Smartone foneTV video not restore after end MT call - Audio is improperly routed from headset to speaker when receiving a SMS message - Phone hang during accessing Nokia Maps application in SW 11.049 - Cant access sim card contacts - Cant input Chinese character by stroke input - Themes: Audio Themes, when select Nokia - Several sound files Missing appears New Features: Bookmarks updated to remove Download link folders MTP configuration to enable Social Cinema support TARM in 3.2 based devices Email plug-in functionality 7-bit encoding of Turkish characters in SMS TP Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service Media player default settings changes 2 New vanilla CTRs, called: EGYPT NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage) 2 new codes : SYRIA NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage) Memory card ID change for Indonesia CTRs.

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VLC media player Ver. 1.0.0 – Videolan esce la versione RC1

4.0 decoder - New WMA v1/2 fixed point integer decoder - Close Caption under SCTE-20 standard are now correctly decoded - Improvement of WavPack decoder to support all integer modes and float mode - Corrections on 5.1 and 7.1 channel decoding and ordering Demuxers: - Support for Dirac, MLP and RealVideo in Matroska files - Major improvements in RealMedia files opening (.rm and .rmvb) - Improvements of the TS demuxer for M2TS files from Blu-Ray and AVCHD - Metadata for mod files are supported - GSM codecs in Wav files are supported - New raw audio demuxer supporting raw PCM streams - New dirac demuxer for raw dirac streams Encoders: - Dirac encoding using libdirac (supported in Ogg and in TS) - Shine mp3 fixed-point encoder Access: - RTSP authentication with Darwin Streaming Server - On-the-fly gzip and bzip2 file decompression (except on Windows) - Playback for video in uncompressed multi-RAR archives - DVB-S and ATSC cards support on Windows - New OSS and Alsa accesses.

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