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Symbian hack – Anche gli ultimi firmware sono stati “forzati”

takt29) * Nokia E71 v300.21.012 (tnx to frastgr) * Nokia N78 v30.011 (tnx to andre12 * Nokia 5730XM v100.48.122 (tnx to Vampiro1306) * Nokia N85 v30.19 * Nokia N86 v11.043 (tnx to deryl) * Nokia N97 V11.0.021.C01.01 (tnx to leogoto) * Nokia 5800XM V30.0.011 (tnx to leug7 While some others ARE reported unhackable by this method Confirmed doesn\'t work with: * Nokia N96 v30 (Thanks to ugur35) (use this instead (tnx to navijic).

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