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PLayer MTunes Player Ver. 3.3.2 – TTPOD, Kugou …

Dopo il salto potrete trovare tutte le specifice in lingua inglese e il relativo download MTunes Player Included Chinesse and Russian : MTunes main functions: * Synchronous lyrics display * English download MP3 * Quick set CRBT Changelog : Version 3.0 : *New interface *Better playlists *Supporting WMA *Supported video *Increase Download management functions *Supported media files to scan the entire hard disk Version 3.2.3 : *Support for the skin *Lyrics can be enlarged or reduced *Lyrics adjustable synchronous time *Video list *S60 third edition fp1 later models (6120C/N95/N82, etc.) the lyrics can be cross-screen display *Amendments to some songs do not sweep the problems Version 3.3 : *Folder can browse and play songs *Customized lyrics colors *Improved lyrics player interface *More option set CRBT *No longer has to maintain network and manually disconnected network *Supported Media Library Photos *Increase consumption Detail Inquiry *Increased CRBT management *Increased from time to time turn off function Version 3.3.2 new features: * Cool new interface * Folders can browse and play songs * More customized color lyrics * More options set CRBT Express

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Emulatore DosBox si aggiorna

come di consueto Vi proponiamo il Change log della versione - implemented key input premapper: see released premapper.txt and dosbox.conf for details - fixed virtual mouse issues: vmouse generates event at the aproximate rate of 50Hz sensitivity setting now works (setting of 100 moves one pixel per event, recommend 200 as default) - enabled fpu emulation: x-com now works (you can click the globe) Per tutti gli smanettoni che ci seguono e che vorranno effettuare degli esperimenti (a loro rischio e pericolo) ecco il download

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