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doodle jump : Aggiornamento 1.4

Ecco che il fantastico Gioco doodle jump giunge dalla versione 1.3.2 alla versione 1.4 portando alcuni aggiornamenti e correzione bug QU per L\'acquisto -Facebook bug workaround - facebook connect should now work work for all!

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Doodle Jump : su iPhone

FEATURES: - broken, moving, and disappearing platforms - JET PACKs and springs that fly you higher - UFOs that will abduct you unless you shoot them - black holes that will suck you in if you get close - various cool monsters that you need to shoot - jump on top of the monsters to bring them down MARIO-style - global and local leaderboard - in-game score markers - Facebook connect - challenge friends - SECRET easter egg created in collaboration with POCKET GOD.

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