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Nokia N82 v.30 Upgrade – Lista dei cambiamenti

* SFR GSM/WCDMA OTC Misc: Applications stored on the mass memory are very slow * When playing OMA1 protected files in a J2ME app using JSR135 throws an exception in S60 3.1 devices * Lifeblog Enhancement wrt DB file * Maps2.0 related Fixes and Enhancement need to maturize the same * NGage related Error Fixes and Enhancements * Camera Related Enhancements and fixes * Security Fixes * ASR enhancement * Share Online Related Fixes needed for Maturization of application * SIP enhancements and Fixes * SMS Related Fixes and Enhancements * Telephony adaptation Related Fixes and Enhancements * UPnP Enhancements * Video Center Enhancements * VoIP Related Error Fixes and Enhancements * Flash Lite3 Related Enhancements and Fixes * WLAN related Fixes and Enhancements * Sharaku Restore Factory Settings Misses Data for NGage in UDA New features/functionalities: * Full NGI (Ngage Application) * Settings Wizard Update * Maps 2.0 * Online Share 3.0 * Mosh &

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Nokia N82 – Firmware Upgrade 30.0.019

Nokia ha rilasciato poche ore fa l\'update per il Nokia N82. La versione 30.0.019 includer probabilmente N-Gage definitivo, Maps 2.0, i nuovi Share Online e Download e ovviamente qualche miglioramento sulla gestione dell\'accelerometro e altri piccoli bugfixes.

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