Nokia Asha arriva Fastlane One swipe e your world video anteprima

Nokia Asha arriva Fastlane ? One swipe e your world video anteprima

Nokia ha appena pubblicato tre nuovi video promozionali sul suo canale di YouTube che mostra-off Fastlane e funzione Quick Swipe di Asha smartphone.

Fastlane, exclusive to Nokia Asha, takes you to the things you love in a single swipe. Scroll through your recent activities and move around your phone fast. Music, messages, notifications ? find them all in one place. Pull down to refresh and watch your Facebook likes jump up. Tap once to update your status instantly and hit play to listen to the latest top tunes. With your life at your fingertips, Fastlane keeps up with you whatever you do.

Whether you?re into gaming or chatting the new Asha range has plenty of apps to keep you entertained. Keep up the conversation with WhatsApp and have fun gaming with friends. Download apps from the Nokia Store and make your phone work for you.

Share photos with your friends in an instant with Nokia Asha. Swipe to your camera, tap to snap and share with all your favourite social networks in a flash. Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp ? capture every moment with faster photos. All it takes is swipe, tap and share to take a picture and show it to the world. So go on, take your best shot.

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