Come funziona l’app Google Hangouts scopri la nuova app per Android e iOS

Google ha rilasciato il suo nuovo servizio di messaggistica multi-piattaforma chiamata Hangouts. L’app ? disponibile per il download sia per smartphone Android che per smartphone iOS.

Google Hangouts ? una perfetta esperienza di chat in sincronia attraverso le piattaforme utilizzando l’account di posta Gmail, Chrome e Google+. Siete curiosi di sapere come funziona?Allora non perdetevi il seguente video che vi mostrer? tutte le funzioni e le novit? inserite sulla nuova applicazione per Android e iOS Google Hangouts.


  • Say more with photos and emoji.
  • See when people are together in Hangouts, when they?re typing, or whether they?ve seen your message.
  • Turn any conversation into a video call with up to 10 friends.
  • Message friends anytime, even if they’re not connected right now.
  • Use Hangouts on computers, Android and Apple devices.
  • More Hangouts awesomeness:
  • Hangouts stay in sync across devices so you can start or continue them anywhere.
  • Choose from hundreds of emoji to help you make your point
  • See what you talked about in the past, including shared photos and your video call history.
  • Get notifications just once. Once you see an alert, you won?t see repeats on your computer or other Android devices.
  • View collections of photos shared from each of your Hangouts.
  • Snooze notifications at times when you?d prefer to be undisturbed by alerts.

Hangouts ? disponibile su Google Play store e App Store gratis.