Nokia 5800 Nokia Belle firmware OS v8.0 : Video Guida e Download

Nokia 5800 firmware personalizzato : Ecco l’ultima versione del firmware Symbian personalizzato per Nokia 5800 basato su firmware v42.0.004 per Nokia C6-“Nokia Belle OS v8.0”

Il nuovo firmware personalizzato porta tutti i miglioramenti degli aggiornamenti firmware pi? recenti, tra cui il nuovo lettore musicale, la Galleria aggiornata, il Nokia store, il? nuovo browser e moltissime altre innovazioni. Il Link per il download e il changelog qui di seguito.

Terminal:?Nokia 5800 XM
Core Based:?60.0.003
Porting Based:?C6 v42.0.004
Release Last published:?NOKIA BELLE OS 8.0
Next Relase to be issued: V?ersion 8.1
Period of issue of cfw:?in the weeks to come

==============================?==== ==?===========================?=======
Changelog MOD included in version 8.O
new in red?(?26?\?0892012?)

Interface commands and keyboard:

  • Italian and English set as the system language
  • T9 in Italian T9 English compatible
  • TTS in Italian and English
  • ?Spoken commands running smoothly

Hack System Operattivo Symbian:

  • Integrated RomPatcher + 3.1 in Italian with autostart
  • Patch in ?E: \ Patches?
  • New pach in rofs2?AND THE EXTRA PACK

Uninstallations recovered space in rofs2:?

  • FOTA disabled (extra 5Mb free in C)
  • Removed Guides
  • Removed all languages except English and Italian
  • Removed file other languages
  • Removed completely Guides
  • Removed QuickOffice, AdobeReader, Welcome, MyNokia, With Ovi?contacts, Ovi Music, Help, Search, About


  • Changed Favorites
  • Wi-Fi network-attached with the GPS Plugin
  • Browser Cache increased to 60 mb
  • ?New Browser improved stability
  • ?Nokia Store updated to version 1.30.005

Performance Tuner Tel:

  • Application Policy Mod
  • Mega Startup mod
  • Report Menu Choice ByDjRaz Headphones
  • Change graphics settings
  • Increased sensitivity Wi-Fi (Improve WIFI sensitivity )
  • Applications close by pressing the red button
  • Increased speed of startup and shutdown of applications from 0.5 to 0.3 seconds less
  • Speed and established system greatly improved
  • Improved UI and Games performance
  • mod Ram and Fluid By DjRaz GPS-enabled, and voicecommand
  • Time Zone Update
  • Increase time by ringing alarm clock mod DjRaz
  • Speed Gallery to version 1.01 & Player Mus
  • kinetic scrolling nokia belle nokia fp1 808
  • 69MB RAM starter improved settling on the 60Mb (
  • Hight Performance Beickup By DjRaz
  • More Ram For Apps c6 Porting By DjRaz
  • File Manager With Access To Disco CDE Without Activation RP By Newcoller
  • Rename_apps_andare menu and then on options
  • Nokia 808 Touch Sense S ^ Belle fp1
  • Accelerometer activated the first time
  • Beautiful animation style startup removed
  • New startup image relieved
  • Optimization and battery:
  • Extended maximum charge now uses all the 1300 mah?while before 1200mah being ported c6 ^ ^ requires double charging (if you know the author please contact)
  • Autolock keypad
  • no keys light by localh0st v.2
  • You can change manualy time for key block
  • v50 Heap Size Mod
  • Speedmod v3
  • Removed vibration Lock \ Unlockv finally?fixata
  • Fixed bar and improved battery life
  • Cpu 560 mhz processor is not
  • ?Mod settings established battery

Various System Fixes:

  • RDS working
  • TTS working?in Italian
  • Fix lights V3 by mara-
  • Fix Sensor brightness
  • Kinetic scrolling fast
  • Landscape Rotation instant
  • Fix Touch to make quick touch
  • 5 Connections widgets are now translated into Italian
  • New alphanumeric keypad and QWERTY
  • Fix Auto Rotate QWERTY keyboard
  • Fix bug ?Camera in use and all killata ? output ?
  • Preview Theme faster than normal
  • New Lock Screen function covering the light sensor activates the block (version without vibration)
  • Open, Close Apps Speed nokia n8
  • fix MediaBar photos and video
  • Touch Fix
  • Fix ?On Exit MusicPlayer ?
  • Fix TV-Out
  • Fix Lag Messages
  • Fix ?Calendar bug?
  • Fix ?Dialer bug
  • Fix bug vibration touch etc.
  • Bug fix version 7
  • Dx qwerty bug
  • Fix connection MediaBar photos
  • Fix swipe in rotation
  • Fix vibration call
  • Fix lock screen after 15 secondiandare in: (settings / phone / phone management / automatic keyboard lock)?and after restart
  • Fix photo editor (thanks to?kel3701?)
  • Fix installation of the QT app in uda
  • GPS fixed and loading more ? quick
  • Fix general bugs porting v42 thanks to the new base

Graphics Phone:

  • New graphics for transparent widgets Profile
  • Anna extra icons for various applications
  • Indicator-style icons n9
  • Style clock s ^ 3
  • Emoticons in messages
  • Calls Person Wallpaper By Anna DjRaz
  • Icon ?Trash? instead of ?share online? Gallery
  • Bluetooth icon on the ?0? on the keyboard
  • Improved quality Photo \ Video
  • Optimized video capture
  • Gallery updated
  • Speed Gallery
  • New Multimedia Menu ?Music-Video-Photo -Radio ?
  • New menu music player
  • Photo v1.0.1 For CFW
  • High-Quality Voice Recording Mod
  • New Design Book Buttons By DjRaz
  • Improved Video Capture
  • Clock Mod Ita by Albe95
  • Extended menu with wifi connection bluethoot etc.
  • 6 Links Transparent clock with transparent removable and movable
  • Rehabilitated icon 3g
  • Navibarbelle rebuilt from scratch to be complete
  • Changed order Widgets in Home
  • Nnew style icon notifications transparent circle
  • New graphics for the qwerty keyboard renewed
  • Belle Theme by giulio 7g set basic
  • Spegni_e_Riavvia_con_logo
  • Smiley messages displayed to great
  • New icon pack
  • New boot image on and off style os 8
  • Decrease theme preview time after many themes
  • Nokia pure fonts NaviBelleBar by Gl @ v2
  • Tap To Unlock Restyle WithText By DjRaz (for the tap)

Department of Music and Audio:

  • MusicPlayer upgradeable to support v15.2 with Lyrics
  • MusicPlayer fast Scrolling
  • Sound volume increased start MusicPlayer
  • Headphones And autoparlate At Maximum Volume ByDjRaz
  • Scrolling List Hight Music Without Voice Go To Store Music By DjRaz
  • StaticFeatures voice no more December Help menus
  • Dont open menu When exit music player edit by binh24 ? update for V15.2
  • Audio Codec Nokia 808 you read that right
  • Volume default when the Music Player up to 100%
  • Volume sound start MusicPlayer increased 10
  • Equalizer nokia 808
  • 808 New ringtones nokia nokia fp1 beautiful
  • Equilizer C5-03 (S ^ Belle) To c6 Porting By DjRaz
  • Equilizer + Dolby Audio Performance By DjRaz
  • Music Player S ^ Belle For c6 Porting By DjRaz
  • Mod Code Audio Nokia 808 Nokia S-1 & C6 Porting V2 By DjRaz
  • Porting Dolby Sound C6 By DjRaz
  • set to maximum internal loudspeaker voice in calling for better sound

Display Menu and Folders:

  • 6?2 in Landscape
  • Large Icons in Landscape
  • Removed item ?Show open applications?
  • New?Menu List view big icon list
  • I have not hidden the icons of various applications in the menu
  • Written in the style menu centered SYMBIAN 3
  • Menu 5?4 in Portrait
  • Theme effects Double-Trouble Effects By Gagan1491
  • Reorder app menu

Built-in applications:

  • Integrated Tap and swipe to unlock the second version of rofs2 you choose
  • Built-in Dictionary Italian
  • Integrated Nokia Notifications in Italian most beautiful icon
  • bt switch
  • Auto Installer
  • File browser in Italian
  • Music stopper
  • Conversations updated and accelerated
  • Inserted in cfw bright torch
  • Keylock added
  • Ovi Maps 3.6 updated and put in uda
  • Extra button installed
  • Topbar beautiful installed for his version
  • Updated extras pack

Various Changes included in the cfw:

  • Blocked SMS MyNokia to 1 having removed from z
  • Added Restart Function with logo
  • Sending files by BT File Manager without requiring ignition BT
  • Volume default speakers \ headphones increased to maximum
  • Call extended to 356 days by newcooler
  • Settings Menu Extra sensors
  • Removed entry for Updating Fw through FOTA
  • Edit information Firmware (* # 0000 #)
  • Mode PC Suite changed in Ovi Suite to connect the cell to the PC
  • Multimedia retrieval always automatic
  • Input Ac + Enhanced for V42 c6 + emoticon + T9 Improved
  • Ram Saving Room Exit
  • enCam mod
  • Extra Sensor Settings
  • Widgets_Music S_3
  • Camera-Quality Mod v3
  • Fixed By Camera On Nokia C6v42
  • Changed name Bluetooth phone
  • Removed entries for the release of the terminal
  • Added extra shortcuts bar HS C6/N97 ( 5 in total)
  • fotocaamera quality increases with al?autofocus
  • Mod usb connection hours will appear the inscription Nokia suit
  • Speed up messages when over 2,000 posts and go, thanks to having separate conversations in the messages
  1. ?We do a hard reset of the phone before the flash and after we format the Memory Card?
  2. When you reboot do Flash with JAF (NOT USED PHOENIX) in the usual way.?The necessary files are all available for download.?Downloading from the links that you will put at the disposal of the 6 files you need to put in the folder RM-356.?For a correct installation of the QT and maps you need the Flash Uda?.?
  3. After the flash after switching on the device?, do not touch the phone for about a minute (until the battery charge indicators and widget \ signal)?then start the aggenda if you want the widgets visualizare notifications.
  4. We make no further reset to not lose the benefits that the UDA in this version takes in the QT and maps

NOTE: If your phone is installed CFW prior to nokia belle os7.x, or other cfw is recommended after performing another format the Flash memory card

==============================?==== ==?===========================?=======

?Nokia Belle OS 8 is available in no less than four separate versions, two with TAP AND TWO WITH SWIPE TO UNLOCK / LOCK.?
The other two (TAP SWIPE) with the addition of the battery and signal indicators and a second without the latter even if the release year more preferred from you (both versions incorporate the Navibar Fine).?
The difference between the four lies in the fact that the version, that without any display (operator logo can also be removed by dedicated app), better suited to the installation of the Belle topbar (enclosed in extra pack), that would otherwise encroach indicators, creating a bad result graphically.?
Who is not interested in topbar can also install the version with all indicators in their place.?No problem for Extra Buttons, however, be used in both versions without any problems since I put the writing side and not centered.?
=================== ============?======?===?======?====?====?
The?Tap?corresponds to block the cell by touching a button that appears on the display.?then ?plugging? of that key.
PREVIEW: to pass your finger on an arrow that appears in place of the previous key.?then instead of a tap to do a slide with her finger on the arrow.


Maps and QT) + ROFS3]
Nokia Belle os 8 [Core + (Uda Maps and QT) + Rofs3]?DOWNLOAD?


Nokia Belle OS 8.0 (Swipe To Unclok)?DOWNLOAD?
Nokia Belle OS 8.0 (Tap To Unclok)?DOWNLOAD?
Nokia Belle OS 8.0 (Swipe To Unclok) + (topbar)?DOWNLOAD?
Nokia Belle OS 8.0 (Tap To Unclok) + (topbar)?DOWNLOAD?== ============================?======?================ ===========?=======
Informazioni per l’installazione :

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