Nokia Belle Refresh : Ecco il Changelog Ufficiale di Nokia

A poche ore dal rilascio di Nokia Belle Refresh ecco arrivare anche il changelog ufficiale da parte di Nokia. Qui di seguito il dettaglio punto per punto.

  • Changes and improvements
    • Browser 8.3 (without UI Threading)
    • Full HTML5 Support
    • Services available also offline
  • Nokia Maps Suite 3.09 – available via IAD in case of FOTA update
    • Use your voice to search – Maps and Drive
    • See your photos on Map
    • Multi-point routing with the route planner
    • Explore cool places nearby, straight from your home screen.
    • Public transport integrated with line information and departure times.
  • Social 1.5 – available via IAD in case of FOTA update
    • Automatic Contacts linking to Facebook and Twitter
    • New home screen widgets
    • Improved performance
    • Renewed app layout & FB notifications
  • N8 Imaging Update (for N8 ONLY)
    • Big Screen
    • Colorize IT (excl. China)
    • PlayTo (home electronics connectivity)
    • Gallery widget
  • Qt4.8
    • Ovi Services branding to Nokia Services
    • Updated Nokia Store
  • Improved music player
    • Refreshed ‘Now Playing’ view
    • Lists are tabbed for easy access , swipe from one tab to another
    • New ’Artist View’
    • Play & pause in pull-down status pane
  • New widgets
    • Clock, analogue big
    • Clock, mechanic
    • Clock, text
    • Clock, flip
    • Calendar, agenda view
    • RSS widget
    • Bookmark
    • Contact, individual (Social upgrades)
    • Contact, Group (group support upgrade)
    • Music Player, medium
    • Weather, now
    • Weather forecast
    • My Location
    • Social widget
    • Facebook, summary
    • Facebook
    • Twitter
    • Mobile data counter
    • Search
    • Email, new arrival
    • Gallery
    • Notes
    • Email, detailed
    • Toggles
    • 2G/3G
    • Offline
    • Silent
    • BT on/off
    • Cellular data on/off

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