Nokia Lumia 800 : Il Tethering WiFi arriverà con Windows Phone Tango

Nokia Lumia 800 Tethering WiFi con Windows Phone Tango : Come abbiamo già segnalato Windows Phone “aggiornamento” Tango è già online su Navifirm per lo smartphone cellulare Nokia Lumia 800C (RM-801).

La buona notizia è che due membri del forum di XDA developers hanno testato questa ROM e, al suo interno, hanno trovato la condivisione della connessione Internet (Wi-Fi Tethering) insieme a molte nuove funzionalità.

XDA user surya467 has tried the new ROM, his findings so far:

  • Wi-Fi Tethering
  • Export contacts to SIM
  • Advanced network settings for calls and messages
  • Additional option in video mode – the quality of
  • Xbox animated tiles
  • New sign on the top bar

Ecco quanto riportato sul sito di XDA:

Another XDA user has ‘Sirstoner ‘ tested the firmware; his conclusions:

  • No Facebook integration in Contacts
  • No Twitter account selection possible

All the other stuff has been mentioned, tethering, settings and camera updated. But for everyone who uses facebook this one isn’t any good… Damn, cuz I use facebook a lot :P
Lots of China customization, lots of Chinese social networks intergration (cool logo’s) but very pointless if ur a FB using european.

Languages/Internet Sharing (tethering/WLAN hotspot):

  • Display language: UK / US / Chinese 1 and Chinese 2… (lol)
  • Region format: World
  • System locale: World
  • Browser language / search: World

As you can see from above post that this Chinese ROM is working great and have Wi-Fi Tethering feature along with others, but the only downside of this ROM is lack of Facebook and Twitter integration in contacts. Still, we don’t suggest you to try this, but if you are a power user, go ahead and do let us know if you find anything new.



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