Rom Android 4.0.3 I9100XXKPA senza Touch Wiz per Samsung Galaxy S2

Rilasciata una nuova ROM per Galaxy S2 senza la “pesante” Touch Wiz basata su Android 4.0.3.? La ROM mantiene tutte le applicazioni e le personalizzazioni native di Samsung ma toglie complatamente la Touch Wiz.

Questo ? quanto riporta il cuoco:


  • It?s WIPE
  • Based on KPA
  • KPA modem
  • Kernel KPA
  • Remove TW launcher & all Samsung apps
  • Tweaked system
  • Trebuchet launcher
  • Wallpaper works
  • Face unlock works (to be installed as a separate patch)
  • Other small thing i don?t remember

Video (Thanks to Roco446) :

Please read this before flashing :

  • ROM is WIPE , so it?s HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to BACKUP your data.
  • Please please please DO NOT report if you don?t follow installation instructions.
  • Don?t restore your apps.

How to install :

  • Copy my rom & faceunlock patch to internal sdcard
  • Flash my rom from recovery and let the phone to boot up, at least 5 minutes (DO NOT TEST FACE UNLOCK)
  • Go to recovery again and flash Face unlock patch
  • Reboot & enjoy

If Face unlock still not working, try Westcrip solution.

Download link : GT-I9100_WanamLite.KPA.RC5.WIPE

Samsung Apps will be available on Add-ons page.

Please don?t make mirrors, link to this post instead, it helps me to know how many people are using my Rom.

Thanks to :

@Chainefire, @ CM9 team, @SamMobile

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