ROM Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 2.3.5 KI4 Rarity

Nuova Rom per Samsung Galaxy S2 è apparsa sul forum di XDA. Si tratta di una Rom basata sul sistema operativo Android 2.3.5 e super accessorita! Sul forum di XDA sarà possibile scaricare, oltre la Rom anche una serie infinita di Bootscreen, temi, kernel, icone per modificare a proprio piacimento l’aspetto dello smartphone.

Merita sicuramente provarla! dalle caratteristiche sembra veramente performante!

Qui di seguito tutte le caratteristiche:

  • Clean – Stable – Smooth – Long battery
  • Deodexed
  • Zipalinged
  • BLN control support
  • TW & GO launchers (Recommended GO save RAM & battery ) choice in first start
  • Screentune (lag fix)
  • Sms/Mms mod (server hour, 200 recipients, don’t change SMS to MMS until 200 SMS)
  • Adobe Flash 11.0
  • Delete useless samsung.apks & google.apks
  • Silent boot + UI sounds (camera, volume keys, battery warning)
  • Camera.apk FULL HD 1080p 30FPS record SuperFine
    + Allows use of the camera & camcorder at any battery life
    + Records Audio in 192kbps/44.1Khz quality (CD Quality) (64kbps/16khz)
    +Increased Video Bitrate in 1080 and 720p modes + Camera Hack (take pictures by pressing VOL + / -)

  • PFGPS FIX v2.0 (my own gps fix too much better as standart fix )
    + Fix satelite now – first start – 10 seconds (before 2400second apply xda qfix)
    + second start – 2 second… (before 60 second)
  • Email.apk ( Removing keyguard and other security policy restrictions)
  • Added new font Linux Ubuntu
  • Gtalk Video Support + Leomar 75 FIX
  • Modified updater script & build.prop & init.d
  • Root + Busybox
  • Default Call Recording
  • Backup of EFS during flashing folder / sdcard / EFS_BACKUP @ Intronauta
  • New Browser with deodex UserAgent
  • EDT tweak
  • Ram tweak [+- 840MB RAM FREE]
  • Add ext4
  • Phone.apk all future intagrate(call record …)
  • Raise JPG quality to 100% & raise photo and video recording quality
  • Efs backup full automatic
  • VM Heapsize
  • Render UI with GPU
  • Decrease dialing out delay
  • Helps scrolling responsiveness
  • Save battery tweak
  • Increase overall touch responsiveness
  • Signal (3G) tweaks
  • Net speed tweaks & internet speed tweaks init.d
  • Disable blackscreen issue after a call
  • MicroSD card speed tweak
  • System_tweak (I/O Sched, Readahead, VM, TCP, 3G, BFS/CFS tweaks)
  • Screenstate_scaling script (Ondemand for awake, Conservative for sleep)
  • Banner tweak

ROM Samsung Galaxy S2 Android 2.3.5 KI4 Rarity

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