Root e Overclock a 1.5 Ghz per Samsung Galaxy S II : Ecco come fare Guida

Galaxy S II Overclock

Samsung Galaxy S II ? uno degli smartphone pi? potenti nel mondo Android. Ma per alcuni non ? sufficiente. Con una mossa sorprendente, uno sviluppatore coolbho3000 del forum di XDA ha overcloccato il Galaxy S II a 1.5GHz! Il risultato ? notevole ?, il funzionamento risulta stabile e funzionale.

La prima cosa per effettuare l’overclock ? quella di effettuare il root del Samsung Galaxy S II.

Rooting Instructions

1. Download ODIN Flashing Tool to computer and extract the content.

2. Download XWKDD Tar file to computer.

3. Download SuperOneClick tool to computer and extract the content.

4. Put the Galaxy S II into ?Download mode?. To do it, press ?Power? button, ?Home? and ?Volume down? button together for few seconds and leave it.

5. Run the ODIN executable (Odin3 v1.85.exe).

6. Connect the Galaxy S II to computer via USB Cable .

7. You should now see one of the box in ODIN interface turning yellow color.

8. Click ?PDA? button, browse and then choose the ?XWKDD_insecure.tar? file.

9. Make sure ONLY ?Auto-reboot? and ?F.Reset Time? options are checked in ODIN.

10. Click ?Start? button.

11. Wait for the flashing process to complete. After completion, the Galaxy S II will reboot automatically.

12. Disconnect the USB connection.

13. Now put the Galaxy S II into ?USB Debugging mode?. To do it, go to ?Applications??> ?Settings? ?> ?Applications? ?> ?Development? ?> and check the box ?USB debugging?.

14. Connect the phone to your computer using USB Cable.

15. Right-click and run the ?SuperOneClickvx.x.x-ShortFuse? executable as Administrator.

16. Click ?Root? button and wait for the process to finish.

After the process is complete, your Samsung Galaxy S II should be rooted! Thanks to ?Chainfire? of XDA.

Ora si pu? effetuare la procedura di overclock

1. Download ODIN flashing tool.

2. Download Overclocked Kernel.


1. Shut down the phone and boot into ?Download? mode. To do it, press and hold VOLUME DOWN+POWER+HOME buttons.

2. Connect the phone to computer via USB.

3. Run the ODIN file. The first box will light up in yellow color.

4. Click ?PDA? button and select the ?galaxysii_oc_v1.tar? file.

5. Check only the ?Auto Reboot? and ?F.Reset Time? options in ODIN. Repartition should NOT be checked.

6. Click ?Start? and wait for the process to complete.

7. Your Galaxy S II will reboot in a while.

8. Install SetCPU app from Android Market.

9. After installation, launch it and set the desired CPU frequency.