DeFroST 5.0 ROM per HTC Desire Android

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Desire

Version history:

Version 5.0:

* Rebased kernel (latest Kali- version with fixes)
* Latest CyanogenMod fixes (minor stuff)

New kernels posted (4.9a):

* Added mutex locks to regulator setting (IntersectRaven)
* mm: Allow compaction without HugeTLB (Brian Steuer)
* Add nls_uft8 support (cifs)
* Changed some voltages for more stability on havs.

Version 4.9:

* Update ROM Manager
* Update Chrometophone
* Update Twitter (apps addon)
* Update Titanium Backup
* Update Email (cyanogenmod)

Kernel changes:

* Copy parts of the regulator stack from CodeAurora to test AVS stability against (IntersectRaven)
* Speed up periodic settings by minimizing function call to only at the start (IntersectRaven)

New kernels (havs+svs):


* mmc: msm_sdcc: Add MMC_PM_KEEP_POWER to pm_flags for built-in device
* net: wireless: bcm4329: Fix setting HT clock race conditions
* usb: gadget: android: Remove WAKEUP flag from bmAttributes
* Support lseek(2) in ashmem driver
* l2tp: l2tp_eth: Fix section mismatch warning

Version 4.8a:

* Switched base kernel for a more stable version

Version 4.8

CyanogenMod fixes:

* Update to FRG83
* Email: Selecting the (Accept all SSL certificates) button should not disable client certificate support
* Email: Increase EmailServiceProxy timeout for validation attempts
* Email: Block oversize attachments from being sent
* Email: Clear password related policies in PolicySet when p/w not required
* Email: Handle inactivity timeout > maximum allowed properly
* Email: Backport: Handle ?Allow non-provisionable devices? properly
* DSPManager: Easier/Different colors with dB text for each bar freq
* Phone: Go to the Call log after *all* calls, even incoming calls.
* MMS: Move failed message to failed state
* Browser: Remove ?Show web suggestions? from browser settings
* Browser: Default to Google if global search provider not present.
* Browser: Send WEB_SEARCH intent straight to default search provider if selected
* Browser: Fix Google suggest and search URLs when Google Search is not installed
* Browser: Remove an incorrect javadoc comment.
* Browser: Clear voice search mode when changing search engines.
* Browser: Fixes for changing the search engine.
* Browser: Add user-selected search providers to browser
* Framework: Add an option to hide the Voice Search icon.
* Framework: provide link to backup guide above the fold
* Framework: Continue trying to make the turn off quickly after call feature work.
* Framework: lots of small bug-fixes
* openssl: ssl3_write_bytes should only break up application data packets

* Standard rom without additional apps, only Titanium and ROM Manager included(Apps pack downloadable with defrost setup)

Kernel changes:

* change to (intersectraven havs)


Recommended Radio
DeFroST 5.0 FRG83 + CyanogenMod Full Rom (SVS max 998MHz@1275mV)
DeFroST 5.0 Apps Addon

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