Google Nexus One ROM eViL_D eViL`s NXSense HD v.0.2

Il developer eViL_D ha rilasciato un aggiornamento per la sua ROM NXSense HD v.0.2.  Questa nuova ROM supporta il Nexus ONE HTC

Still WIP:
Camera & Video recording
Wifi is wacky

Change Log:

Usb mount (wonky text, but it works)
Added all themes, ebooks & accessibility
Added DSP
More language support (not verified)
Added Dark Tremor a2sd
Updated google apps, rom manager
apk`s optimized
More I probably forgot…..

*wifi is broken, go to my other desire thread and download/flash one of the kernels there.

*There is an fc that I have not pinpointed “setsounddmanager” I think.

Initial release
First Boot takes a LONG time, use logcat to ease your mind
Too tired to list right now – (if you`re flashing this, you know the deal)

Scarica la ROM NXSense HD v.0.2

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