Samsung Vibrant : New ROM Sombionix?s Bionix v1.3

Sombionix ha rilasciato un aggiornamento per Bionix1.3 – 3 Flavors. L’ultima versione ? ora v1.3.

Questa versione ? supportato il seguente dispositivo (s):? – S Samsung Galaxy: Vibrant T-Mobile

– Lossless png optimization on all apk files for faster load time
– Zipalign`d all apk files to reduce amount of RAM consumed by System
– build.prop mods
– update-script changes (flash speed improved slightly and wipe is now more efficient for fewer errors)
– framework-res.apk mods
– twframework-res.apk mods
– improved battery Life (hopefully, please let me know)
– Installed fixed LbsTestMode.apk to play better with JI2 GPS fix (Thanks Eugene!)
– Ported a new assests folder into swype and it looks AWESOME! (Thanks to hoey2011)
– Installed Samsung feed and update widget
– Removed mediahub.apk
– Replaced HD YouTube.apk with stock for sharing options
– Updated Market
– Updated Maps
– about a million other things I can`t even seem to think of because my brain is goo right now
Download: Bionix1.3
Download: Bionix1.3 w/Voodoo beta4 OC@1.2Ghz
Download: Bionix1.3 w/Kingklicks Kernel [BFQ, OV, UV]
Download: touchwiz stock look (If you don`t like the black themed goodness, here is a file. This WILL NOT wipe anything, you WILL NOT lose any data or apps. With that being said, make sure you don`t select wipe system/data in rom manager. Simply flash through rom manager or clockwork recovery and PRESTO?back to stock look but with all the goodness of Bionix!)

– Update-script changes
– Removed vibrant camera? software replaced with captivate camera software
– Removed iphone looking square icons in launcher
– Removed facinate LWP
– Fixed lag issues caused by GPS from leaked update (GPS works great now!)
– New swype.apk w/voice button (apk didn`t update last release)
– New market.apk (apk didn`t update last release)
Download: Bionix1.2
Download: Bionix1.2 w/1.2Ghz OCv4 Kernel

– Added GPS fix from leaked update (WORKS GREAT!!!)
– Removed swype-tips
Download: Bionix1.1
Download: Bionix1.1 w/1.2Ghz OCv4 Kernel

– Rooted
– Busybox w/working symlinks
– No need to wipe
– Data wiped automatically via update
– System wiped automatically via update
– Cache wipe automatically via update

– Stock Kernal
– Support for Jac`s Kernel
– Includes modified Playlogos1 & to support lag fix (not installed. see below for lag fix instructions)
– GPS fix added pulling from system/etc/gps.cfg (should pick up sats quickly)
– Build.prop mods for better data throughput
– Framework-res.apk mods
– Twframework-res.apk mods
– Touchwiz30launcher.apk mods
– All apps de-odexed
– Adb push/pull functioning properly
– Samsung bloatware removed
– Added mobile AP to settings>wireless and networks (wireless tether)
– ADB on by default
– EVO status bar icons added
– Removed T-Mobile bootanimation completely, improved boot time
– Custom shutdown animation
– New bootup and shutdown sounds
– Touchwiz battery status with accurate percentage read
– Kept Vibrant camera software
-?New swype.apk w/voice feature
-?New HD youtube.apk
-?New LWP ported from the Facinate
– Rom manager pre-installed
– Genuie widget pre-installed
– IM app included
– Updated Maps
– Updated Market

Download: Bionix1
Download: Bionix1 w/1.2Ghz OCv4 Kernel

Unfortunately, not all Vibrants can handle the OC kernel due to current voltage limitations. If you experience random freezes with this kernel, you probably fall into that category. Flash the Bionix rom without the OC kernel and you will be good to go! If you are able to run this kernel at 1.2Ghz but are still experiencing instabilities, I suggest flashing the standard bionix1.1 which includes the stock kernel. I have simply provided this secondary rom option for you guys to avoid flashing multiple times to get the OC kernel. Just know, that it can potentially come with instabilities.

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