Archos 5 IT : Android 2.2 Froyo arriva la prima alpha! Guida e Download

Archos 5 IT Froyo : Per tutti i fans del tablet Archos 5 IT ecco arrivare il primo porting del sistema operativo Android 2.2. Froyo.? Qualche settimana f? era stato rilasciato un video. Oggi, grazie al sito openAOS, Fans del tablet Archos possiamo inserire la prima Alpha di Froyo 2.2 da installare sul tablet.

Essendo una release Alpha ? desinata, principalmente, agli sviluppatori in quanto ancora non ? stabile e presenta ancora molti bug. Sicuramente un gran passo avanti per non lasciare fermo alla versione 1.6 questo fantastico tablet.

Qui di seguito potrete trovare la guida e il link per il download del file.

We had some early development snapshots already, but for an real alpha version we said we want to fix at least WiFi and SGX. For WiFi we even had an bounty and I guess this image is best proof that the bounty has been earned. Furies did the work on it. Thanks to AndAppStore for sponsoring the bounty!

Well we don?t want to make the tension unbearable here is the image:

FroYo Alpha1 for Archos5IT

This also needs this boot-menu update: zImage and initramfs.?

Enjoy your FroYo! Here are the much easier new instructions for setting up the boot-menu if you haven?t yet.

This image needs the following line added to menu.lst (do NOT use notepad! use an editor capable of proper unix line endings!):

openAOS Froyo alpha|/dev/sda1|/rootfsfroyo.img|/init

This all comes with a bootnote, a rather extensive one:

  • This is alpha grade software intended for developers and tech-savy testers.
  • There are still many unresolved issues and problems.
  • If you ?just want FroYo? ? this is not for you! Wait until it?s stable and usable.
  • If you don?t plan to give us feedback ? this is not for you! Wait until it?s stable and usable.
  • If you expect everything to work ? this is not for you! Wait until it?s stable and usable.
  • After this has been said, thank you very much you seriously want to help us with this. We appreciate this very much as we really need every help we can get!
  • If you notice anything that doesn?t feel right, please file an ticket and
    use Android 2.2 Alpha2 as the target milestone
    and Android 2.2 ? alpha1 as the version
  • Please do the same if you want some feature included or something improved
  • First boot will take very long! Keep your USB cable connected.
    • First the rootfs gets unzipped (You can unzip it on your PC that?s much faster!)
    • The Android cache is compiled ? this can also take a while, just watch the boot logo while this happens.
  • Please join the mailing-list to discuss this image!
  • Want to see if someone is online right now to ask a question or discuss? Join us on IRC!
  • Yes sound does not work, sorry. Next Alpha maybe.
  • Don?t want to install the alpha but still want to help? Consider donating to the openAOS project!

? please note that the default ?ngstr?m image needs to be modified to work with this kernel! adding the command ?fbset -nonstd 0? could fix at least part of the issue during boot process. Expect updates on this soon.

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