Aggiornamento Firmware v051.081 per Nokia E52 : Changelog

Ieri Nokia E52 ha aggiornato il Firmware alla versione 051.081. La sua precedente versione del software era la v034.001. ? possibile aggiornare il firmware del Nokia E52 via OTA (Over-The-Air) o tramite Nokia Software Updater, Ovi Suite per PC Windows. Il Nokia E52 utilizaza l’UDP (User Data Preservation) ma, ? sempre buona cosa, effettuare il backup di tutti i vostri dati personali prima di aggiornare il firmware.

Come sempre pu? passare un p? di tempo prima che Nokia rilasci il firmware per tutti i product code.

Changelog for Nokia E52:-

Data package content, Changelog, corrections or changes :

  • Browser upgrade into 7.2.6
  • Cherry updated to version 2.1
  • Freestyle Baseline 3.0 (latest version) update
  • QuickOffice upgrade into 6.2.439
  • New languages introduced, Office 2007 compatibility
  • OVI Music client Inc9Br5 update
  • Music 3.0: full album purchase, PIN less activation
  • Lotus Notes Traveller 8.5.1 update
  • My Nokia update
  • OVI Store 1.6 update
  • OVI Sync 2.0 update
  • OVI Files widget update


  • Windows Live removal


  • New chat functionalities for the users
  • Microsoft Office Communicator added to vanilla SW UDA content
  • Nokia Messaging for Instant Messaging / Nokia Chat 2.0 added to vanilla SW UDA


  • Improved Email, Calendar and Contacts experience
  • Performance improvements
  • Stability and usability improvements
  • No changes to vanilla memory cards
  • HW Specific change:
  • PR3.0 includes SW Support for Rapuyama 1.13 (previously Rapuyama 1.11 supported).

The phone main processor version is going to change. This component needs the software update because of component ID?s are determined in software.

  • There are no electrical changes which can effect to RF performance or normal customer use.
  • This HW change will be implemented for production during P2 period in 2011. Next

Maintenance release PR4.0 is going to be mandatory update.

  • Altogether 450+ errors are fixed.

New Feature :

  • Microsoft Office Communicator 1.7 integrated
  • Nokia Messaging for Instant Messaging / Nokia Chat 2.0 integrated
  • Bloomberg added


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