[Video] Samsung i8910 HD Aggiornamento Firmware HX7 ‘Perla Nera’

Nome in codice ‘Black Pearl’ ? il nome del nuovo firmware HX7 tanto atteso per il Samsung i8910 HD. Il nuovo firmware HX7 offre un programma di utilit? personalizzato e una montagna di nuove impostazioni sul fronte dell’interfaccia, sulla sensibilit? del microfono e per quanto riguarda lo? scrolling cinetico.

Come sempre, per gli aggiornamenti del firmware i8910 HD, non c’? la conservazione dei dati utente, la memoria di massa viene cancellata e non ? possibile ripristinare la vostra vecchia copia di sicurezza. QUindi non scordatevi di fare il backup.

From the original notes (in original English!):

  • This time Camera saves really images and videos in DATE and yyy.mm.dd
  • wlan power back to normal (you can change it if you want in settings)
  • Threaded sms still there, sorry mates, but the icon can?t be removed by ?hand? so i removed the original icon
  • pocket data back to normal, (to much delay)
  • kastor effects, the same, but removed ?OPTIONS? effect, it had to much delay and the symbian icon was buggy
  • Added?wow effect to 3D-taskswitcher?NEW
  • After pnht(.org) autoinstallation finished you have the tsunami homescreen with some shortcuts added
  • widget-homescreen gadget.swf NOW on e:\ ! You can change/mod yourself and can add live wallpaper without enable c2z ! thanks goes to liliantungary for his widget-mod !
  • new jpeg-encoder from i8510 figured out by Lukas_ita, Colmar85 and all the staff of forum.hdblog.it
  • musicplayer only search on e:\music f:\music (it was buggy before)
  • New battery-managment: Battery-life will increase for about 20 % ones you flashed this firmware, it will remain forever, even if you flash to a different firmware. (this mod will work on about 90 % of all phones
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