Nokia Ovi Store aggiornamento alla versione V1.07

Per tutti i proprietari di uno smartphone Nokia una buona notizia! Il software Ovi Store ? stato aggiornato.

La nuova versione del programma ? compatibile con il sistema operativo Symbian S60 3rd Edition e 5th Edition. In questa release ? stata migliorata la ricerca delle applicazioni e ottimizzata la? struttura delle categoria.

Ovi Store mobile client changes in version 1.07(12)

You’ll be offered the new v1.07(12) client when you next try to access the Ovi Store. But it can also be downloaded by going to?

Key changes:

  • Continuous pages for content lists. Rather than having paginated links?to browse through additional pages of content?there is now a ‘Load more’ mechanism that extends the current page rather than loading up a new one (i.e.?extra items get added to the bottom of an ever-growing, always-available scrolling list).
  • The client will now search for a string inside a name. Previously, searching for a term like “York” would not return an application called “New York” because searching only happened from the start of the name – this is no longer the case and you should be able to find named applications is much easier.
  • Updated category structures as a result of changes to the way Ovi Store is using meta data. There’s also more obvious labelling for categories when you are browsing them.
  • Subjectively, the AAS team think there have been some speed improvements, notably when loading application pages.

Not specific to this update, but worthy of note,?is the increasing usage of Channels?within the Ovi Store to help improve the discovery of content (think of them as playlists of recommended applications). A good example is the Homescreen Apps channel, which makes it easier to find widgets that can be used on the the N97’s home screen (also the upcoming Nokia C6 and N8).

Meta-data changes in?Ovi?Publish and?Ovi?Store

Coinciding with the release of the new mobile client is an update to the Ovi Publish tool that developers use to add content to Ovi Store. The update is focused around improving the meta-data (categorisations, keywords, related information, and so on) associated with each piece of content added to the Ovi Store.

Some of the changes include the addition of mood tags associated with their content, an update to the taxonomy of categories in the Ovi Store, and the addition of the existing keywords data to the search indexes.

All of these changes are aimed at improving the discoverability of content in the store. Canny developers will be able to take advantage of this to improve their Ovi Store positioning.

A detailed post on the update to the Ovi Publish tool is available on the Forum Nokia blogs.


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