NDrive Il Navigatore GPS ? pronto per Samsung Bada

NDrive Navigation Ready for Samsung bada
Easy and affordable navigation software to hit the Samsung Application Store

Ndrive ? il primo software di navigazione satellitare GPS a funzionare sul nuovo O.S di Samsung Bada. Qui di seguito troverete il comunicato appena ricevuto da Ndrive.

Ringraziamo Alexandre Santana per la tempestiva comunicazione!

Porto, 08 June 2010 ? NDRIVE Navigation Systems SA, a worldwide provider of navigation services, is proud to announce today the upcoming availability of its navigation software with on-board maps for Samsung?s bada operating system.

NDrive?s navigation software is currently under approval process for availability in the Samsung application store. NDrive will debut with Portugal and Spain maps and additional countries and regions will be made available in a matter of days to closely follow Samsung?s worldwide roll out of their application store.

?Samsung is a heavyweight in the mobile industry; it was therefore natural for us to support their new bada operating system,? said Luis Baptista-Coelho, CEO at NDrive. ?The Wave handset is a great device and I guess there will be many others to follow. This means millions of customers likely to be interested in easy to use and affordable navigation software?.

?While everybody sees as a threat the fragmentation of the handset market into multiple operating systems, this is frankly quite the opposite for us?, he added. ?Our technology allows for a quick, cost effective and efficient porting to multiple operating systems and screen sizes which gives us an edge against the competition. This is why we support Symbian, Windows Mobile, Android, iPhone and now bada.?

?Helping to drive the mobile world of location-based services is part of our DNA so we are very pleased that the NAVTEQ map has laid the foundation for NDrive?s navigation solution now on Samsung bada. This involvement reflects our continuing aim to enable the mass proliferation of navigation and location-based services?, commented Serge Bussat NAVTEQ vice-president consumer & wireless sales Europe

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