Nokia E66 e E71 Firmware V410.21.010 : Aggiornamento

Nokia E66 e E71 Firmware : Aggiornamento rilasciato anche per il Nokia E55. Il changelog disponibile qui di seguito:

Following baselines/functionalities have been upgraded
• Nokia Messaging IM2.0.19
• Gimlet v9.6.0.16
• Mail for Exchange 3.0.50

• Many functionality and Stability improvements in MfE. MFE3.0 has new features like HTML and Subfolders support.<br />
• IM2.0.19 has many localization error corrections. IM installation has been moved to Phone Memory instead of Memory Card. IM response time has improved (Ex: entry/exit/edit/save options)
• Phone activation baseline upgraded

• Stability and functionality improvements
• Email and WLAN functionality improvements
• Email application freezes
• Samsung memory reboot issues

• Fix for phone reboot issue when contact has Internet telephony detail

• Fix for Chinese characters in Lunar calendar
• Fix for Western Sahara country legal issue

• Improvement in Connection establishment with slow gprs
• Fix for WLANsniffer scanning enabled in the background when it should be disabled

• Fix for contact search with space

• Mail for Exchange upgraded from 2.9.176 to 3.0.50
• Gimlet updated to v9.6.0.16
• Many functionality and stability improvements in MfE
• Fix for Gmail folder issue in UK and Germany for Gmail/GoogleMail configuration
• Fix for email application freeze

• Usability improvements
• Fix for Backslash character for Portugese language
• Fix for missing characters in French/Italian languages

• Improvement in sending SMS when memory is full
• Nokia IM chat response time improved. Lot of localization errors fixed

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