Nokia : Nokia Working on iPad Rival: Analyst

Nokia : Over the past year or so, the once nascent tablet market seems to have exploded with entrants. While most tablets of the yester years were either phones with tablet functionalities or a modified laptop, it was in 2009 that the idea of a dedicated Internet tablet started taking shape. By the start of 2009, these devices became reality. In 2010, we have the likes of the JooJoo (once known as the Crunchpad), Notion Ink’s Adam, the HP Slate and of late, the Apple iPad.

With Apple’s entry to the tablets’ territory now complete, it is time for other manufacturers to enter this hitherto largely ignored category. In fact, the latest to join the tablet bandwagon might turn out to be Nokia who is reportedly in talks with suppliers and design experts to design and mass produce a touch-screen tablet. This tablet, which is likely to rival the iPad in specs and features, might be launched this very year – if all goes well. This information was revealed by a Rodman Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar. Kumar, who is apparently close to Nokia’s technology partners, seems to be a fairly trustworthy source.

If this news does turn out to be true, let us remember that this is not Nokia’s first attempt at building a device which does not fall under the domain of cellphones. It was in 2009 that they announced its first laptop, the Booklet 3G.

To say that Nokia is an inexperienced tablet device maker would be foolish. In fact, Nokia had already tasted moderate success with its tablet devices like the N770 handheld Internet device. Even now, it sells the N-Series Internet tablet. However, as mentioned earlier, these devices were mostly convergence devices with them having cellphone abilities as well (except for the N 770). They were also smaller in size than the new devices we now see.

With Nokia and Intel already working on the new MeeGo OS, the chances that Nokia might end up making a full fledged, dedicated tablet does stand a fair chance. However, there is news that this Nokia tablet might actually run Windows 7. Now that brings us to the question: Are we talking about a tablet version of the Booklet 3G later this year?


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