Nokia C3 Exists : Gets FCC Approval

Nokia C5 : While the existence of the Nokia C5 and the C6 has been confirmed, let us remind you that there was another C-Series handset that had made its presence felt in rumorsville not long ago. That’s right. We’re talking about the Nokia C3.

Well, in a recent development, the C3 has apparently cleared the FCC in U.S. The phone, which bears the internal model number RM-614, will soon see the assembly lines. The FCC website also has an image of the rear of the phone. It is clear by the looks of the phone that it is a low to mid-range segment device that would be targeted at emerging markets. It also appears wider than usual and might as well add a QWERTY keypad? But then, that bit is unconfirmed as of now. But then, it would make sense to have a QWERTY keypad on a phone that belongs to a series that focuses on social interaction and social networking.

Going by the naming convention, the C3 might just be cheaper than the C5. The latter also happens to be one of the cheapest Nokia smartphones currently available. Will the C3 beat it in the price wars? It also boils down to the fact that if this phone indeed gets a QWERTY keypad, it could be positioned above the C5.

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