Samsung i8910 Nuovo Firmware HX2.1

Disponibile il nuovo firmware 2.1 per il Samsung i8910HD by HyperX

Nel seguito disponibile il changelog e il download


* blue busy app cycle added
* Fastest modded precision theme added (like in speed-release)
* New Music-player skin (precision skin)
* fixed blue-scrollbar in musicplayer !
* Media galerie does not read directory:
* Memory heap size increased (2X)
* Widget security disable Mod (no more asking about permission)
* java permission mod added: Look into app manager/installed/?your installed Java apps?/options, see everything is always
allowed and no more anoying notificatons!
* Vodafone Homescreen integrated for international Provider (some will be still not supported? but hopefully i have added all)
* SPECIAL Camera/Camcorder Video values set by JF-GINO for less dropped frames and best possible quality.
* Camcorder starting time improved
* No more patch needed, everything is now SCRIPTED
* New flashing procedure NO more hard-reset is need !
* Error correction level for T9 set to high
* Cache management for Webbrowser improved and set to d:\ (max space 10 MB)
* all cache activities set on d:\ so just an reboot needed to clean-up your device
* max number of cache entries: from 512 to 2048 (4X)
* max cache file size to 33554432 (2X)
* max cache file activity (60sec.)
* Symbian file recocnizer reading tweaked
* Musicplayer imrovements: max global heap changed from 15 to 60 MB (4x), disabled AUTOSCAN; openGL data rate 1; changed speed scrolling setting
* New Java engine (Taiwan-speed)
* orientation-time reduced (from 400 ms. to 40) ?.. e.g. from changing portrait to landscape
* default framerate for apps from 22 to 60
* max CPU time set to 100 % instead 75 %
* Graphical effects set to 8
* improved Kastor effects by darknight
* USB/synch icon in app folder is back
* Reboot patch included (now with ?reboot? button)
* Installserver-patch from beginning on autostart (scripted)
* open4all HACK rom-integrated
* Samsung app store now can be installed (no more component is build in error)
* New MODEM-update ?JB1?
* e:\music folder will be automatical created

Older HX2.02 improvements/tweaks:

* removed LEFTUP cert. for better compatiblity installing apps/games (caused many issues)
* Improved Browser engine
* improved FLASHlite engine
* Kinetic-webbrowser, and several cache improvements by me.
* WRT widget apps working
* FULL Kinetic scroll over-all
* changed Kinetic scrolling values
* OVI store app compatible
* Nokia Java 2.02 install compatible
* New wallpaper and theme
* 100 % Full hacked phone by default with integrated Rompatcher by Marco Bellino credits for this MUST have app goes to him and his website:
* increased MBufpool cache in c32start.ini (2x) for better/stable internet connection
* changed cache vallues in media-galerie.. it?s still not working perfect, but it?s little bit better (open media-galerie, wait until thumbnails are loaded, scroll up and down? then it will work smoothly like on my video)
* Camera compression improvements (set all resolutions to 100 % for best quality)
* FULL Multilanguage-5 support (EN_DE_IT_SP_FR)
* My_media app still there
* International Keyboard (all supported languages)
* Nav-bar and FULL page Homescreen (-kind- of satio homescreen)
* same improvements as Speed release, BACKGROUND killing apps: contentharvester.exe, screensaver.exe, sipprofilesrv.exe, vcommandmanager.exe, ScreenCapturer.exe, WlanTxCal.exe)
* Major improvement of the Symbian OS S60v5 operation System
* several System optimization to get max. amount of 84,5 MB free disk-space on c:\ without loosing ANY apps.
* UPDATED Modem file to JB1 (extra exe) just start the exe and flash the modem part without flashing the whole firmware.
* added ?no memory card icon? shown
* all knowing hacks (from the past) except ?Automatic-loudspeaker on call? this was removed due to several problems !
* added Disable Contacts rotation when writing sms in landscape
* Vodafone homescreen NOT added, because you can install it yourself (much better for system)
* fixed Memory-card BUG
* fixed Dictionary scroll-bar bug
* fixed Media-galerie scroll-bar-bug
* improved Camera starting procedure (3-4 sec.)
* ported IMAGEVIEWER from Nokia X6 device
* musicplayer is only searching on e\music and f:\music (faster search)
* Dictonary working
* Asphalt4 icon deleted
wifi shortcut widget is BACK

* Offscr. apps (calc, converter) can?t install ? FIXED
* New Highspeed Kastor effects by darknight07
* changed Picture-quality values.
* Based on I8910BVJB1
* still 81,5 MB free space on c:

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