Archos smartphone Tablet…

Ah, the memories still remain as vivid as that slideshow image from back in September of last year, and if current reports are to be believed, the Archos Phone Tablet might not ever make the jump from PowerPoint slide to real life. While most people thought either a CES 2010 or MWC 2010 introduction was in order, both shows came and went with nothing announced. Even now at CeBIT, Archos has instead turned its focus to a pair of new larger tablets aimed mainly for home use.

So what happened with the Phone Tablet? Remember, it was to have a 1GHz ARM Cortex processor, 854×480 4.3-inch touchscreen, and a slim 10mm profile that would have put it right in the middle of the ring with the likes of the Nexus One and iPhone 3GS. Not to mention, it already had a case ready to go as its first accessory.

According to LesMobiles, an article in the French financial paper Les Echos mentions Archos CEO Henri Crohas was waiting for “two senior operators” to take interest in the Android-powered smartphone before deciding to bring it to market. Apparently with no carrier deals in place or even pending, the project has been scrapped.

It’s a shame that Archos has decided against simply offering the phone unlocked, considering that would give them and their potential customers the most flexibility, but it’s understandable once you realize those carrier subsidies come in very handy when trying to keep the device cost as low as possible.


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