[CES 2010] Destinator 9 per Windows Mobile in arrivo!

Destinator ha rilasciato un comunicato stampa in occasione del CES 2010, che ? terminato ieri, per presentare le novit? della versione 9. Nel video qui sopra invece sono mostrate tali novit? in azione.

Nell’articolo completo il comunicato in inglese.

Continuing the global expansion of Destinator GPS navigation software across geographic markets, smartphone application stores, and mobile handset makers, Intrinsyc Software International, Inc., a leading provider of software solutions for mobile devices, announced today the expansion of its Windows Mobile applications into the UK, Australia and Western Europe ? which are available immediately for download through Destinator NavStore (www.destinatornavstore.com).? From the company that has powered the GPS solutions of the biggest mobile brands and navigated millions of people worldwide on mobile devices, Destinator 9 is the newest and brightest turn-by-turn app for your smartphone. Destinator 9 goes beyond navigation and brings a fresh GPS experience across the hottest mobile platforms across the globe.

Destinator Delivers Beyond Navigation

At its core, Destinator 9 is a solid and reliable turn-by-turn navigation application with the highest quality on board maps and a routing engine that exceeds performance benchmarks. In addition to a host of new features designed to get people to their destinations easily, quickly and safely, Destinator 9 takes the navigation experience to a new level with added functionality to make navigating the application and the road ahead more enjoyable and less stressful.

* More features. Destinator delivers the biggest and best set of features on the market. Here?s a few to highlight ? Google Local Search. Real-Time Traffic Updates. StickyPOIs. NavStrip?. NAVTEQ maps. Destinator makes it easier to find what you need and get there with less effort and stress.

* More social. Destinator taps into the new wave of social mapping. What?s better than a feature to send your location or your favorite POI to a friend? It?s the beginning of a social mapping revolution and Destinator is at the leading edge.

* More integrated. Destinator?s secret ingredient is the ability to work better with your phone. Destinator seamlessly blends with your smartphone functions allowing you to simply route right from your existing contacts or your messages.

* More?for free. A first among on board turn-by-turn application providers, you can experience Destinator 9 first-hand courtesy of a free trial. The 14-day trial of the full application will allow users to see the unique features and functionally that make Destinator the best choice for navigation and location based services on their mobile device.

A GPS App that Packs a Punch

Destinator 9 delivers an unmatched navigation experience with a host of exclusive, next-generation features. The intuitive NavStrip? delivers one-click access to key navigation functions such as address entry, route, and search. This provides the quickest path to navigation with the fewest taps while displaying the map. Users can browse maps in 2D or 3D views. The 3D display includes a horizon display that automatically updates based on weather conditions. Destinator 9?s weather feature provides a 3 day forecast for the user?s current location or destination. Users can navigate to any map location using the TapNGo? feature by simply using a long press on any point on the map and then tapping ?Go? for voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation. TapNGo also features other actions such as ?Call?, ?Save? location, and ?Add to Trip Planner?.

?We have developed and delivered a navigation app that is both reliable and exciting at the same time. Destinator 9 is a premier GPS app with a fresh set of features that makes your travels easier and less stressful while also delivering an element of fun and usability,? said Souheil Gallouzi, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Mobile Products Development, Intrinsyc. ?Destinator has a heritage of providing exceptional, reliable turn-by-turn navigation solutions and we are proud to bring the latest generation of our application to the hottest mobile platforms around the globe. We are confident that our customer base will continue to appreciate the Destinator Experience.?

Windows Mobile users will now be able to enjoy reliable, true turn-by-turn voice guided navigation that not only works in areas of limited mobile coverage but also takes advantage of the phone?s data connection. This seamless connectivity enables integrated online search powered by Google and weather forecasts as well as the sending of locations with rich map content and easy-to-use interface.

With Destinator, users can also enjoy multi-destination routing by setting multiple trips with various stops to help plan a day?s drive to different locations ? all with the fewest clicks possible and an easy-to-use interface. A one-click widget brings up a Google Map view of the current location, when available on a device with a data connection. Destinator?s revolutionary StickyPOI? feature allows users to quickly display popular Points of Interest (POI) categories with a just a couple of screen taps. Tapping on a category, such as hotels or restaurants, automatically displays the nearby POI on the map. In addition to turn-by-turn navigation, drivers and pedestrians can view a direction list or route summary by a simple tap or two. Destinator delivers voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions with complete visual dashboard information in portrait mode and on the Side Bar in landscape mode. Users can set destinations by browsing a location on a map or entering an address, street, city, intersection, or postcode, keyword search of POI, history, favorites, and SMS. All these features are delivered with a crisp, clear and rich map view in 2D or 3D that can switch automatically to day or night view mode depending on GPS or system time.

Intrinsyc is a 2009 winner of the Microsoft Windows Embedded Excellence Award. Read more at?www.intrinsyc.com.