Touch Controls Suite v 1.7.0 per Windows Mobile

touch controls suite

Touch Controls Suite – E’ una raccolta di componenti sviluppati da mirabyte, che consente agli sviluppatori di creare applicazioni per PDA cui lavoro (Applicazioni) si basa su NET Compact Framework. L’interfaccia risulta estrememente intuitiva e di facile utilizzo.

Uno dei principali svantaggi del sistema operativo Windows Mobile ? il fatto che i menu e i controlli dell’interfaccia utente (ad esempio, pulsanti, elenchi, ecc) sono stilo-oriented, ma non ? ottimizzato per le dita. La creazione di un indice basato su interfaccia utente richiede un sacco di conoscenze tecniche.

Come potrete vedere nel video i men? creati saranno molto simili, per non dire uguali, a quelli che potrete trovare su iPhone!

Nel seguito le caratteristiche tecniche e il download…TouchListBox is the powerful core control of Touch Controls Suite. It can be used for any kind of lists, menus and item viewers.
* Finger-based kinetic scrolling (very responsive and smooth, slows down after a “fast” scroll action)
* “Flip back” effect (the list behaves like a rubber band when you scroll below the start/end of it)
* Default drawing of list items or fully customizable owner drawing
* Stylish transition effects (sliding animation to all four sides of the screen)
* Optional alternating two color list style for better readability
* Various highlighting effects
* Intelligent item selection (scrolling does not accidently select a list item!)
* Supports hardware keys (up/down buttons)
* Can be used with other (standard) controls on the same form without any problems
* Supports multiple screen resolutions

ButtonBar is perfect for creating large button menus or status indicators.
* Supports alpha bitmaps
* Custom “pressed” effect for buttons
* Full skinning capabilities

TitleBar can be used to display noticeable status or context information to the user. Additionally also buttons for typical operations like “back” or “close” can be integrated.
* Supports alpha bitmaps
* Custom “pressed” effect for buttons
* Transparent text
* Full skinning capabilities

TouchPictureBox is like a normal PictureBox control. Additionally it has a built in (stepped) zoom functionality and supports smooth scrolling operations using the finger. A perfect control for photo or map viewer applications.
* Configurable zoom feature (min/max values)
* Finger-based scrolling
* Smooth drawing
* Zoom factor can be dynamically set from code

TouchPictureButton is an enhanced button control that allows creating custom style buttons with icons or background images.
* Supports icons
* Background color or background images
* Transparent text
* Automatic “push” animation

GlassDialog is a replacement for modal dialogs like MessageBox.Show(…); the background of the form is dimmed and either a generic dialog box is shown or a custom skin can be used (including alpha transparency!).

TouchTextBox is a finger-friendly text box control that uses a skinable border to achieve a more convenient look & feel than normal text boxes. Additionally you can add an extra button to the text box – a perfect feature for search boxes etc.

TouchCheckBox is a fully skinable check box control that allows you to give your applications a consistent user experience.

DoubleBufferedLabel is a bonus control that comes with Touch Controls Suite. It works like a normal label control but can be updated very often without producing any flickering. A perfect control for real-time status or time displays (e.g. a stop watch or a news ticker).


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