Allmobileworld Prova NDrive su iPhone!

Allmobileworld con la collaborazione dello staff di NDrive, ha avuto la possibilità di effettuare Prove e test su questo nuovo navigatore Gps per iPhone, cosa dire Ndrive Italy Maps è racchiuso in ben 358 MB !! al costo di 44,99€ si ha un navigatore gps con un interfaccia ben curata e molto intuitiva è un piacere navigare tra i vari menù, sono stati ricostruiti dei modelli in 3D dei monumenti,palazzi etcc , bene andiamo sulla prova su strada! avviando il navigatore notiamo che in tempi molto brevi si avvia e tempo 8 sec. c’è l’aggancio del segnale! Ottimo!! impostiamo un punto e comincia la navigazione… notiamo una buona fluidità del navigatore, unica cosa che non ci convince molto e la voce guida…la signorina ha una voce non molto poco tamarra!! 🙂 altra cosa che abbiamo notato è che l’aggiornamento per il traffico sembra non funzionare! da sempre un errore..peccato è una bella funzione!

You will get a professional GPS Navigations software from NDrive for use in the car, while walking or on an outdoor adventure.
It will turn your iPhone into a turn by turn voice navigation device.

√ You are buying a lifetime license of the latest maps. There are no monthly fees or hidden charges.
√ No data plan is needed to run NDrive software and even when your phone is in roaming, your GPA Navigation from NDrive will run smoothly and uninterupted.

√ Video quality experience with fluid graphics
√ Important buildings and landmarks in full 3D for better orientation.
√ Extensive use of gesture recognition for faster selection
√ Use of dual finger technology for zoom, rotation, tilt and shortcuts
√ Optimized interface with large keyboard for quick and safe entry
√ Simple and addictive interface
√ Automatic landscape or portrait viewing options
√ Integration with iPod, so you can listen to music while in navigation

√ Select from Car, Pedestrian or adventure modes
√ The fastest and optimized route calculation in the market
√ If you do not like your routing, ask for a automatic next best option (or manually block the roads you want)
√ Program your own itineraries in advance with optimized multiple routing points
√ Use Adventure mode for navigation in 4×4, walking in mountains, adventure land sports, boats and airplanes. With compass, km done so far, ETA, altitude and velocity indicators.

√ Sound alarm for desired maximum speed
√ Visual and Sound Alarm for street maximum allowed speed

√ Search for city centre, street names and numbers, crossings, postal codes, favourite places, last inputs, coordinates and distance.
√ Use ABC or QWERTY keyboard in both landscape or portrait
√ Search for more then 350.000 places from the most complete database available
√ Make calls, send SMS’s, browse the web or send email while navigating on NDrive

√ Can handle a unlimited number of favourites and categories defined by the user and customized with scale of visibility, names and icons
√ Favourites can have name, address, email, phone, web, fax, description and are full interactive with iPhone
√ Use wireless connections to publish to and get from NDrive community as well as other favourite databases at no cost. Each information can be ranked and given a star rating by other users. Information can be star ranked and sent to other users

√ Latest Italy TeleAtlas Map
√ Vatican and Malta Maps√ The latest radar database
√ Use of information generated by NDrive Communities

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