4 Applicazioni di Nathan Peterson Su iPhone

246525_2Oggi vi volevo mostrare 4 giochini che abbiamo avuto modo di testare grazie alla collaborazione con lo sviluppatore Nathan, alcune applicazioni funzionano con l’attivo del Bluetooth ( quindi in peer con altro iphone o ipod ) la prima che andiamo a vedere e secondo me la più bella è Bluetooth-walkie-talkie, dove i vostri iPhone diventeranno dei veri walkie-talkie!! l’applicazione costa 0,79€

dopo il salto le altre 3 applicazioni

sempre via Bluetooth gioca a passare le patate!! il gioco consiste nel essere più veloce del tuo amico!!
This is the classic hot potato game for your iPhone and iPod Touch using the new iPhone OS 3.0 Bluetooth features. Use your fingers to pass the potato between your friends, but watch out! If the fire gets too hot, your potato will go up in smoke!
You can use your 2nd generation or later iPhone or iPod Touch to play this game with your friends (you can have 2 or more players).
Gioca ad indovinare alcune domandesu Puerto Rico!

In this trivia you have hundreds of unique questions (different categories).
How far can you make it? Can you answer all the questions?
Automatically, submit your score, userid and comments to our online twitter score board.
Show off to your friends, follow the game and beat your score and others.
Follow us, make comments and more important have fun!
Game Rules:
1. You will have 15 seconds to answer each question.
2. You will get 1 point for each correct answer.
3. You have a total of 3 lives.
4. The game ends after loosing all your lives.
5. We have hundreds of unique questions in the game.
Test domande indovina e vinci!!!
Do you like challenges? How fast can you beat this game? Challenge friends and see if they can stand the pressure of the
Crazy Test!

Tons of questions, weird answers, follow patterns and if you miss just one simple question you are back to the beginning. Just like that! So I ask you, with just three lives, can you beat a crazy mind?

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