Nokia N97 problems, faults, Camera

Bisogna dire che questo utente che ha postato il video non ? stato particolarmente fortunato con il nuovo Nokia N97!

[flv: 520 300]

My 1st N97 from 3G on the 26.06.09 didnt charge most of the time & crashed alot,
I got an exchange handset straight away on the 01.07.09 which unfortunately still didnt work (all the home widgets keep disconnecting (saying loading all the time or blank) all of the pre-loaded games dont load (i just get white screen ) ? camera sometimes dont work (just get grey screen), facebook sometimes wont load, twitter & msn live have never loaded, tried loads of times. No n-gage support is “crazy” I connect to my router when im at home which i use with xbox live, wii, laptop & other phones no problem. Ive tried everything after a week of headaches & waitting for 3G to get more stock. I found that Boingo was the cause of some connection problems but all other faults + more still continue 🙁 Im getting my 3rd N97 on 10.07.09 but dont think it will work as firmware as not been updated yet going to have to send it back again… I saw this phone on youtube 6 months ago & could’nt wait for it to be released cant believe its so bad + when i called Nokia they said they cant do anything & that 3G need to sort it out ????????????? ZZZZZ Im about to pack up & move to the moon (sure 3 will say they cover of it) nobody ever calls me anyway lol (funny now im always in that bloody 0.1%) In the end im thinkng of getting a Samsung Omnia II or i8910 HD both look great but i need a descent Sat-Nav as im runing TomTom 6 on N95 8bg) i aslo need lots of space for music & videos. The very few things that did work on the N97 were great & perfect for me (FM transmitter ,32gb, web browser, bbc iplayer, sygic mobile) cant seem to find better ??? ;-(

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