vHome Desktop Ver. 2.66 – Tutta la navigazione personalizzata!


Desktop navigation is a free personalized mobile desktop software, a software integration of many ultra-functional.
– Can be found directly on the desktop Baidu, Google search,mp3search, such as bus map
– Can watch the weather forecast on your desktop, updated regularly every day.
-Can display news on your desktop, and there was a 100 channel optional web, covering news, entertainment, finance, sports, digital, English, military and automobile. Default set up an hour to download news headlines, traffic is very save. can be set ucweb,bring their own browser, Opera, navigator, such as any browser to view news.
– Can be updated directly on the desktop mesh state school, Record Net Writing fun. At any time to share feelings with friends feel.
– Integrated Smart dialing only three keys can quickly find any contact with the cellphoneand software. Only on the desktop according to the figure corresponds to each letter button.
– Left the default desktop for the start menu, can be replaced by intelligent assissistants.
To set up multi-level menu, more commonly used software can also be sorted, fast access.
– Can be displayed on the desktop and the Lunar holiday information; Net may amend the standard
– Desktop Right-default as a “common” functions, statistical analysis will automatically contact you the most frequently used procedures, the most rapid access.

What’s the New:
1. Resolve the theme in some of the figures can not see the problem of dial-up
2. Resolve the issue of retreat from the sometimes
3. In the non-desktop mode, answer the phone after hanging up key support directly by phone hang the
4. Automatic Updates to do some strengthening


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