Nokia N79 Firmware Ver. 20.175 – A breve nuovo aggiornamento


Via Serie-N il buon P@sco ci informa che a breve sarà disponibile un nuovo firmware. A quanto apprendiamo dall’articolo tra le le migliorie dovrebbe essere introdotta la possibilità di inserire le notifiche mail nella home. Di seguito Vi riportiamo il change log.

Bugs fixed:

– Cannot display sim contact on U-Sim (1000 contact sim card) when switch another UI language
– Dialing 110 customer care phone redirect the call to be an EMERGENCY CALL
– Music plays in speaker when receive sms under silent mode
– Smartone foneTV video not restore after end MT call
– Audio is improperly routed from headset to speaker when receiving a SMS message
– Phone hang during accessing Nokia Maps application in SW 11.049
– Cant access sim card contacts
– Can’t input Chinese character “丁” by stroke input
– Themes: Audio Themes, when select Nokia – “Several sound files Missing” appears

New Features:

• Bookmarks updated to remove Download link folders
• MTP configuration to enable Social Cinema support
• TARM in 3.2 based devices
• Email plug-in functionality
• 7-bit encoding of Turkish characters in SMS
• TP Wizard to check availability of Nokia email service
• Media player default settings changes
• 2 New vanilla CTRs, called: EGYPT NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage)
• 2 new codes : SYRIA NO-GPS (releases MEA datapackage)
• Memory card ID change for Indonesia CTR’s. was MC001 and changed to –> MC002
• Update Bookmarks for China PRC Vanilla Core SW
• Files on Ovi Widget
• S60 3.2 based devices – Making Gimlet visible in Settings Wizard selection
• Turn “PnP Mobile Services”  On
• S&S Application updates
• MPX player not accessible when USB cable connected

SW improvements and corrections:

Active Idle
• Search & WLAN information difficult to read in Active Idle.
• Active Idle screen becomes blank in landscape mode.
• Default Active Idle shortcuts configured.
• Active Idle going dead after quickly accepting and rejecting an incoming video call.
• White boxes shown on the screen while doing orientation change quickly in idle mode.

Application Manager
• The sis file which is installed to MoviNand or SD card cannot be seen in application manager.
• Wrong Feature Manager flag used for seamless link functionality.
• Flashlite sis installation is not successful in the first attempt.

Application Update
• Unable to upgrade graphic icons in Media Player / Media Settings via sis file.
• Unable to upgrade ROM based UI application by installing new version to memory card.
• Application Update self-update never completes.
• Upgrade of BrowserAudioVideoPlugin.rsc via sw installation is not possible.
• Upgrade of Connection Manager via sw installation is not possible.

Audio Performance
• Tunings improvements for IHF audio.
• Keypad tones cannot be tuned for IHF.

• UI Accelerator toolkit (Hitchcock/Alfred) stub file missing.
• Locking keys and then opening camera reveal confuses orientation sensor.
• Disable orientation in alarm ringing, incoming call and semi active state.
• Panic after orientation change.

• Bluetooth headset disconnects when Wireless Keyboard is disconnected from the phone automatically.
• Phone panics when changing views in Bluetooth menu while choosing the last connected device from paired view.

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