Curling e MineField Su iPhone GRATIS

Ecco due giochi GRATIS da avere sul vostro iPhone


Arcade Curling 1.1

Category: Games
Price: $1.99 -> Free (iTunes)


il primo e Curling, un classico dei sport invernali, ben fatto e poi scende  da $1.99 a GRATIS.


All the fun and no cold! Scrubbing for fun !!

Arcade curling is our way of giving you all the fun of the sport in the most accessible way possible.

Do you need to know the rules ? Nope!

Do you need special shoes ? Nope!

Fully featured rules, real physics (designed by real men in white coats!) Intelligent opponents for single player mode are all taken care of.
Yup, pick up ‘n play curling at its’ best



L’altro gioco è il classico Mine che si trova dal windows 95,98 etcc


MineField 1.0

Category: Games
Price: $0.99 -> Free (iTunes)

Anche lui scende da $0.99 a GRATIS ben fatto è sicuramente un passtempo da tenere sul vostro iPhone



The classic Minesweeper and WinMine game updated for the iPhone/iPod Touch!

Find all the mines on the board and flag them as fast as you can.

* The first reveal is never a mine!
* Five different board sizes. 8×10, 16×20, 20×25, 32×40, and 40×50 for big challenges!
* Three levels of difficulty
* Unique flagging method makes gameplay fast. Single click to flag a space or double click a numbered square with the flags around it to reveal the non-flagged squares around it.
* If you accidentally hit a mine, re-scramble part of the board and let you keep going for a time penalty.
* High Scores – try to beat your best times!
* Save/restore your games.

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