LC – il clone dell’LG made in Cina


Era solo questione di tempo … ed eccolo arrivato il clone dell’LG. Il KP 500 non ? sfuggito agli occhi degli orientali che non hanno impiegato molto a clonarlo.


La tecnologia cinese ha affinato oltre che al design anche le caratteristiche tecniche che, a prima vista, sembrano essere di tutto rispoetto:

  • MTK platform operating system
  • Dual-card dual-core functions to be
  • Built-in common games 1 games
  • Background music players support MP3 playback
  • Video 3GP, MP4, support 3GP.MP4
  • E-books txt, e-book reader can download a large number of
  • Radio
  • Pixel high-definition video camera
  • Audio description to take photographs to support the camera, the time based on memory size
  • Data applications
  • Memory 95K/1GB / maximum support 4G TF card expansion
  • Expansion of support for Bluetooth file transfer, Bluetooth headset (voice)
  • USB data transfer support for direct reading, Bluetooth
  • Picture format jpg, gif
  • Java expansion
  • Basic functions
  • Optional language Simplified Chinese, English
  • 250 group contacts the fuselage phone support ringtones, group ringtones, calls Daitoutie, caller video
  • SMS / MMS messages 50 to support MMS
  • Switch machine support machine timer switch
  • 5 Group alarm clock, alarm clock, Mon-Sun custom alarm clock, can set the Snooze time
  • Ringtone format mp3, mp4
  • Speaker independent speaker
  • Calls function
  • Other features MP3 function, MP4 functions, hands-free calls, Short Message, recording function, WAP function, handwritten input, Bluetooth, GPRS download, MMS MMS, memory expansion, e-books, calls firewall, dual card dual Bluetooth dual question , calendar, alarm clock, calculator, exchange rate, unit, stopwatch, world time, a memorandum, call background sound
  • Appearance / screen
  • Product appearance straight
  • Size 111 * 54 * 14mm
  • Weight 105.6G
  • Optional color black silver
  • Screen material / type of color screen
  • 260,000 color screen color number
  • Resolution of 240 ? 320px
  • 3.0-inch screen size
  • Package weight 0.65
  • Basic parameters
  • Time-to-market 2009.04.12
  • Phone type
  • The application of mobile phone business crowd
  • Standard two-wire (2200 milliamperes) / charger / data cable / headset 1GBTF card
  • The application of the frequency of 900/1800MHz
  • Standard GSM network
  • 200-350 minutes talk time
  • 220-400 hours standby time

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