Nokia Maps – Periodo di prova gratuito

mapsevaluationNokia mette a disposizione, ancora per poco, una licenza di prova di una settimana per chiunque si avvicini adesso al mondo di Nokia Maps. Andando qui, infatti, e compilando l’apposito modulo con il vostro paese e nr. di telefono, riceverete un SMS con il codice di licenza.

Buona navigazione!


Nokia offers a free one-week license code for its own car navigation app, Nokia Maps, that will expire in a few days. Going here, you can edit the field of your country and your mobile phone number. Then you’ll receive an SMS with the license code for one-week use of the application. Then, open Maps and go to Options > Extras, and then to Options > Enter license code. The program will expire in a week.

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  1. Yap is like you say What the fuking joke!!!! I mean if you a big company like Nokia sell phones with GPS technology why the fuck to give me a software with a license only for a couple of days. Don’t sell me anymore if is not free or just don’t include the software. What the fucking Buuullllsshhheeeettt!!!!

  2. The reasons why Nokia includes GPS in their phones are lots of third parties portable navigation applications, like TomTom, Sygic McGuider, Garmin, etc.
    Nokia has offered this software that can be bought or used simply like other programs, there’s nothing strange.
    Although Nokia should offer longer uses of this app, Maps is very well-realized! And has lots of services like OVI that complete the experience!

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