Garmin Adria Route Ver. 2.2 – La sezione GPS&MAps si aggiorna

La Sezione GPS&MAps si aggiorna con questo esclusivo prodotto di casa Garmin. Adria una mappa dettagliata di croazia,bosnia,slovenia e macedonia. Maggiori dettagli li potrete trovare in lingua inglese qui di seguito, mantre il download lo potrete trovare nella sezione GPS&Maps -> Symbian -> Maps

AdriaROUTE description

Main features:
* route calculation and auto-routing through 4 contries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)
* road map of Serbia and Montenegro
* route calculation and auto-routing to and from western European countries
* guidance to the exact address
* choice of shortest, fastest or off-road route
* choice of vehicle for route calculation: car/motor, bike, pedestrian (soon: taxi, bus, truck, ambulance)
* automatic switching from day-time to night-time map view
* automatic zooming for turns
* detailed trip computer
* possibility of creating the optimal route for goods deliveries
* possibility of marking points
* itinerary preparation on the PC and point, route, and track transfer between GPS and PC
* 3D map view and navigation*
* depends on GPS device model

* over 300 000 km of roads
* over 50 000 searchable points of interest (POI-a)
* cartographical details include: urban areas, forests (Croatia and Slovenia), islands, rivers, railway network, and parks…
* compatible with Garmin GPS mapping enabled devices, and Pocket PC and PC using Garmin GPS antenna
* map is locked for one GPS device

AdriaROUTE map can calculate direct route towards any place in western or eastern Europe (on devices with preloaded Garmin City Select or City Navigator maps).

AdriaROUTE map will guide you to the street level detail in all included cities, and in many you can use street number (exact address) as your destination. In Slovenia all cities and towns (villages included) have street level and house number detail. In Croatia, 453 towns have street name detail. Database includes manmade places, 6820 for Croatia (all according to the list from 2001.), 6000 in Slovenia and 2000 in Bosnia and Herzegovina (54 towns covered with street names), FYROMacedonia (6 towns) . Multi-body search is enabled, as well as full POI search. Descriptions of POIs include additional info such as: classification of point, full address and phone number which can be automatically dialed using the devices witch support Bluetooth connection to your GSM phone.

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