Skyfire 0.85 build 8084 Per S60 v3 – Aggiornamento

Disponibile la nuova versione del Browser Skyfire. il download ? free e lo si pu? effettuare dal seguente indirizzo da digitare direttamente dal browser del vostro smartphone.

Qui di seguito ulteriori dettagli in lingua inglese:

* New UK Data Center: We are looking forward to providing better service for our UK based users and are currently building out a new data center. If you are in the UK you should automatically connect to the new data center and experience better performance. If you are not based in UK, then you will automatically connect to the US data center. Please bear with us as we work out some of the kinks – especially with account migration.
* Overall Improvements: Client and Server robustness, streaming performance, recovering from lost connections.
* Improved rendering of mobile pages: We better detect and render more mobile pages. The list continues to expand.
* Updated Skyfire User Portal: We continue to evolve our user portal and start page.

Although some of it was already visible before 0.85, it is worth mentioning:
o Google Search & Search Results: It’s the best and the most used.
o Updated weather widget: Now supports Canada and UK postal codes, in addition to US.
o Region specific start page: Custom feeds and pre-populated bookmarks for US and UK.

What’s new in Symbian 0.85since Symbian 0.6?
* More devices: We now support popular new devices such as the N85, N78, N79, N96.
* SuperBar: A handy new feature to perform a search or enter a URL from a single field -it’s a great time saver that is easily accessible on the top of any page. Search results are provided by Google.
* Content sharing: You can now share web content by SMS. We even make the URL short enough that it will fit easily into an SMS text message. Especially useful for the really long URLs used by many sites. You can now also share Skyfire itself with friends via SMS.
* Faster application launch: Skyfire launches much more quickly so you to get to your content quicker.
* Reconnect: Skyfire will automatically reconnect, so you don’t need to restart when your wireless connection is dropped.
* Content download: Allows you to download images and other content from most web pages.
* Bookmarks have been significantly enhanced – giving you much better control.
* Improved battery life: We won’t drain the battery when you forget to exit Skyfire. Promise!

Downloading and Installing:
To install onto your Windows Mobile or Symbian S60 device simply point your Pocket Internet Explorer or Symbian browser to We will detect the phone and provide you the appropriate installer -download, install, and you are up and running!

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