mConnection Ver. 0.5b Unsigned – Update

Programma gi? recensito il 05 Aprile con l’uscita della versione 0.1 Siamo arrivati ora alla versione 0.5 beta con qualche aggiornamento ma nulla di significante. In ogni caso la pena, per chi lo ha installato precedentemente, di effetuare l’upgrade.

I cambiamenti sono i seguenti (in inglese):

In future versions we plan to:
– add colour and placement settings;
– localize application for main languages of the world. (if you want to help please contact us via forum);
– divide data of different access points;
– add setting of shown data;
– indication of EDGE and HSDPA ;
– count of your internet connection value;
– autostart;

From 0.05a to 0.05b
– public beta-version;
– added real-time colour choice;
– added Russian, Ukrainian, German and Spanish languages;

From 0.04 to 0.05a- code optimization decreasing power usage;
– added window colour settings;
– added text colour settings;
– changed frame colour to RGB 100 100 100;
– added icon also to task managers (earlyer only for menu);