Tre WhatsApp su un telefono Android Download App Apk

Download 3 WhatsApp su un telefono Android come avere 3 numeri telefonici Whatsapp su un unico telefono scarica l’App gratis

WhatsFapp è l’applicazione Android che permette di avere 3 WhatsApp con tre numeri diversi su un unico telefono Android.

Avere tre numeri telefonici con WhatsApp su un solo telefono Android da oggi è possibile usando l’applicazione WhatsFapp

Tre WhatsApp su un telefono Android

Scaricando e installando WhatsFapp potrete avere tre icone di WhatsApp che saranno collegati a tre Whatsapp con tre nuneri telefonici diversi.

L’ultima versione di WhatsFapp permette di nascondere gli ultimi accessi WhatsFapp, disabilitare le doppie spunte blu di avvenuta lettura del messaggio e molto altro.

Ecco il dettaglio delle caratteristiche di WhatsFapp

What’s New in v1.25
-[Temporarily Removed] Image picker icon due to technical issues
-[Fixed] Chat with pics layout (Mods 1.3.x)
-[Fixed] Bubbles overlapping with each other.
-[Fixed] Crash while opening WhatsApp Web & Sending location
-[Fixed] Crash when 6.0C and 1.2.11C enabled on 4.1 Lower devices
-[Developed] Dividers. They will get hidden and coloured now.
-[Developed] Emoji header , body color, icons color, selected color.
-[Developed] header icons color changing in CALLS UI
-[Developed] Calls UI header mods “Show my name”, “My status” and added FAB auto-close in CALLs UI
-Redesigned All icons to Material Design in high quality upto 2k display devices. Added 2 more icons INDIGO & Teal.
-Redesigned mod 6.4 to set DEFAULT UI
-{Added} confirmation dialog to make calls, No more accidental calls
-{Added} 1.1.19 to hide call icon & 1.1.20 to hide contact pic in Chat screen header
-{Added} “Search Web” and “Attach Music” option in Chat screen menu
-Now new changelog will be shown when you open FAPP Settings. Added preference to view changelog
-Now opening app from widget will open default UI
-Many other changes & Other bug fixes
-AntiBan & Ban Proof
-Full Customization
-Osm Privacy Features . Hide Last Seen, Double Ticks, Blue Ticks, Typing for contacts/groups
-All WhatsApp+ Features (few exceptions)
-Toast when someone goes Online
-New Material Design Base
-Select between Old UI & Calls UI
-Dual WhatsApp+ Reborn in One Android Device
-No need to uninstall original WhatsApp.
-Works on Note 4 , S6 in which WhatsApp is pre installed
-Preview Images & Videos without downloading just like iOS
-Group Stats
-Much much more.

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