Google Chrome per smartphone e tablet Android : Aggiornamento download .apk

Google Chrome (beta) rilascia un aggiornamento per smartphone e tablet Android. La nuova versione porta il seguente codice v0.16.4215.215. Le nuove versioni delle App, come sempre, portano con se alcune correzioni di bug e, in questo caso,  l’integrazione con il supporto NFC.

Purtroppo questa nuova versione di Google Chrome non funziona su molte ROM cucinate. Qui di seguito potrete trovare il changelog completo di versione:

Chrome for Android Beta has been updated to 0.16.4215.215, picking up changes that have gone in through Chrome 16.0.912.77.  Beyond the Chrome changes, this update contains:

  • Android Beam support – now beam URLs from Chrome to other devices with NFC.
  • Support for additional countries
  • Compatibility checks to ensure system prerequisites for Chrome are met
  • Essential bug fixes

Known issues

  • 112923 : No way to toggle between mobile/desktop UA
  • 113140 : Youtube Links Do Not Prompt For Which Application to Use
  • 113132 : Chrome for Android beta doesn’t support configured proxy in wi-fi settings
  • Other notable issues listed here

If you find a new issue, please let us know by filing a bug.

Srikanth Rajagopalan
Google Chrome

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