Apple iPhone 4 32GB Verizon : Scheda tecnica

iPhone 4 32GB by Verizon. Nella giornata di ieri abbiamo iniziato a parlare di questa versione dell’iPhone 4 commercializzato dal brand Verizon

iPhone 4 By Verizon : Aumenta il segnale in antenna

Oggi vi proponiamo la scheda tecnica completa dello smartphone che a breve verrà immesso nel mercato.

Brand: Verizon
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Manufacturer: Foxconn
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Hardware:Designer: Apple
Project_Codename: Apple iPhone 3,2
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Model:ID: A1349
Expected+Release:Date: February, 2011


(width x height x depth):
58.6 x 115.2 x 9.3 millimetres
2.3 x 4.5 x 0.4 inches
Bounding+Volume: 62.8 cubecentimetres
Mass: 137 grams (Battery included)


Embedded+Operating;System: Apple iOS 4.2
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Operating+System_Kernel: Mach


CPU Clock: 1000 MHz
CPU: Samsung-Intrinsity Apple A4 (S5PC110A01)
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CPU_Core: Samsung Hummingbird
Level1:cache: 32KiB data cache / 32 KiB instruction cache
Level2cache: 640 KiB
Instruction+Set: ARMv7


RAM+capacity: 512 MiB
ROM:type: Flash EEPROM
ROMcapacity: 30518 MiB
ROM;capacity+in_bytes: 32 GB (billion bytes)


Display+Type: color IPS TFT display
DisplayColor:Depth: 24 bit/pixel (16777216 scales)
Display:Diagonal: 3.5 ” (89 millimetres)
DisplayResolution: 640 x 960 (614400 pixels)
Viewable_Display+Size: 1.94 ” x 2.92 ” (49.37 x 74.05 millimetres)
Pixel_density_(dot_pitch): 329.3 pixel/inch (0.07714 millimetre/pixel)
Graphical_Controller: PowerVR SGX540
Video_out: 1024×768 (XGA) resolution
Proprietary connector


Audio_Channel(s): stereo sound
Analog/Digital Converter
16 bit nominal quantization
48000 Hz sampling frequency
Digital/Analog Converter
16 bit resolution
48000 Hz holding frequency
Microphone(s): stereo sound
Loudspeaker(s): stereo sound
Audio:Output: 3.5mm plug


Cellular;Networks: CDMA800, CDMA1900
Cellular:Data;Links: cdmaOne, CDMA2000 1xRTT, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rel. 0, CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Rev A
Cellular+Antenna: Internal antenna
Call+Alert: 64 -chord melody (polyphonic)
Vibrating;Alert: Supported
Speakerphone+: Supported


Positioning:Device: Multi-touch screen
Primary:Keyboard: Not supported
Directional+Pad: Not supported
ScrollWheel: Not supported


USB: USB 2.0 client, Hi-Speed (480Mbit/s)
Proprietary connector
Bluetooth+(802.15): Supported, Internal antenna
Wireless_LAN/Wi-Fi(802.11): IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g, IEEE 802.11n
Internal antenna
Infrared+Gate: Not supported


AnalogRadio: Not supported
Digital+Media_Broadcast: Not supported


Built-in+GPS;module: Supported
GPS+Protocol: NMEA 0183
GPSAntenna: Internal antenna
Complementary:GPS_Services: Assisted GPS, Geotagging


Sensor_Type: CMOS sensor
Resolution: 2560 x1920 pixels (4.92MP)
Autofocus:(AF): Supported
Optical+Zoom: 1 x
Macro_Mode: Supported
Built-in;Flash: mobile light (LED)
Camcorder: 1280×720 pixels , 30frame/sec
Recordable+ImageFormats: JPG
RecordableVideo_Formats: MPEG4


Battery Technology: Lithium-ion battery
Battery_Build: built-in
Estimated+Battery;Life: 12 hours


Built-in_accelerometer: Supported
  • capacitive display
  • built-in digital compass
  • noise canceling
  • OpenGL ES 2.0 support
  • Voice Control
  • Google Maps
  • FaceTime
  • Mobile Hotspot
Datasheet+State: Preliminary specifications
Datasheet;Views: 72 times
Datasheet;Added: Jan 12, 11 19:12:02

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