Roxio STreamer : Vedi Film direttamente su Iphone


Per chi ha Mac conoscerà bene l’applicazione TOAST che serve per la masterizzazione di dati/video/audio su cd/dvd (equivalente di Nero BurningRom di windows)  se avete visto bene nell’applicazione di toast avrete notato che c’è anche un applicazione denominata streamer, che in pratica vi permetteva di far vedere i film direttamente ad un apparato wi-fi ed oggi finalmente è uscita l’applicazione STREAMER (toast) per iPhone così che vi permetterà di vedere i vostri video direttamente su iPhone!!! 

Quì sotto per il download diretto a iTunes

Streamer 1.0

Category: Entertainment
Price: Free (iTunes)


Roxio Streamer brings television out of the living room and into the palm of your hand. Streamer makes it easy to stream your TiVo and EyeTV recordings, or just about any video file, to your iPhone or iPod Touch.

While there are many different ways to stream video over the Internet, many of can be frustrating. The philosophy behind Streamer is that streaming video to your should just work.

By taking a few minutes to select a shortname, which is a phrase or name that tells Streamer where your computer is on the Internet, and a password to keep your video secure, you’re ready to start streaming video.

– Quick & easy setup
– Browse effortlessly through lists of recorded shows and video files
– Search for show titles and episode names
– Episode descriptions automatically pulled from TiVo and EyeTV recordings
– Virtual folders to organize multiple episodes of the same show
– Automatic UPnP and NAT-PMP router configuration

– Toast 10 Titanium with Streamer v2.x running on your Mac at home
– iPhone or iPod Touch with Wi-Fi connection

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